Dark Florals Spring 2015 Trend

Trend Story: A dramatic take on winter florals

Today’s trend story comes to us from Hallmark designer Sam Bassett. Sam works in Hallmark’s Trends Studio, dislikes the overuse of exclamation points, and prefers both his floral patterns and TV shows a little on the dark side. 
Dark Blooms

Buds can bloom even during winter’s shortest days. These floral patterns thrive with dark palettes, dramatic scale and unexpected placements. These are no demure wall flowers, but bold blossoms that demand immediate attention.

(Images left to right, top to bottom): vintage textile design from Hallmark archives; floral design from Hallmark archives; Osklen S/S 2015 Ready-To-Wear; Dark Floral wallpaper by Elllie Cashman Design; soft floral from Hallmark Cards Sarah Jessica Parker’s Card Collection; Prada illustration by Daryl Feril; Power, Corruption, Lies skateboard from Supreme New York; Nike floral print sneakers for men.


Send a card just because! | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Make someone’s day with a “just because” card

Today’s post comes from Hallmark designer and avid card-sender, Lindsay Tippett. Lindsay delved into her own card-sending habits…and those of her fellow designers. 

Send a card just because! | thinkmakeshareblog.com

I’ve always been a card-sender. But ever since I started working at Hallmark, it feels likes the bar has been raised, and I must rise to every occasion. Most of the time, the cards I send are celebratory: new engagement, new home, or new baby. There’s no shortage of reasons to send a “Hooray!” these days.

But my favorite kind of card to send is a “thinking of you.” My entire family and many of my close friends live out of state. Sure, I can send a text or email, but I really love the idea of my brother reaching into his mailbox expecting bills and junk flyers…and instead finding a little pink envelope from his sister.

That’s why I do it: I send cards imagining that mailbox moment when a smile flashes across the face of somebody I love. But this got me thinking, why else do people send cards? To stay in touch? To express gratitude or sympathy? To keep the tradition alive?

I went to find out right here in the halls of Hallmark. I found stories filled with love, laughs and doodles. Check out their stories, and their favorite just because cards, below.

Send a card just because! | thinkmakeshareblog.com

“Each year, there isn’t a single address in the Rolodex that my dad doesn’t send a Christmas card to. My little niece regularly sends ‘thinking of you’ cards to her parents and brothers who live just down the hall from her. I seem to have inherited my family’s knack for card-sending. I’ll find any reason to surprise friends and family with a piece of mail—for birthdays, for love or just for smiles. Often, my niece will get cards with notes ‘from’ my dog Lulu. (I dread the day she is old enough to realize Lulu doesn’t have thumbs and that her aunt might be crazy.) For many lucky loved ones, most of the cards I send have an inappropriate joke, cute animal or is all about farts…sometimes, all three. No matter the content, I love that sending a card is the smallest, but best, way to let someone know I’m thinking of them.”

– Julie Vinh, designer (featuring a card from our Signature collection)

Send a card just because! | thinkmakeshareblog.com

“As a kid there was always a card or a letter being delivered to our house. My mom is one of seven siblings and the only one to immigrate to the United States from Ireland. Her main way to communicate was by mail. I loved when she got a letter or a card. To me they were little works of art: the handwriting, the stamps, the paper. And when she read the letter, you could hear the voice of the person who wrote it.

“I soon started writing letters, too, and found myself a pen pal in Norway. We are still in touch 30+ years later. I have three daughters; they, too, are inspired by mailing letters and cards. I introduced my oldest daughter, Gabriella, who is 9, to my good friend’s daughter in Australia as a pen pal. They have been writing for over a year now. When we shop, my kids always have to visit ‘the birthday section’ to pick up a card or some stationery. We have a grandma in New York City, a Grandma in Brazil, and family all over the world, so we are always writing or sending cards.

“Thank you cards are also BIG in our house. For us it’s time well-spent, thinking about and thanking the people in our lives, and my girls love it. They’re at an age where it’s so much better to receive then give, but that’s ok. For now, we make it as fun and artful as we can.”

– Marcella Ribeiro, designer (featuring cards from our stationery collection)

Send a card just because! | thinkmakeshareblog.com

“I love the ability of cards to truly reflect your knowledge of someone. Stupid jokes, well-timed compliments, and sometimes even saying ‘I’m sorry’ are mandatory sentiments for me. When you find the right card—that you know will bring out smiles, tears or high-fives to emotionally align you with someone—it’s an incredible feeling.” 

– Spencer Branham, designer (featuring a card from our Shoebox collection)

Send a card just because! | thinkmakeshareblog

“To be honest, the main reason I send cards is so that I get them in return. Being a designer and having creative friends, these cards become little pieces of art that you send each other. I spend a lot of time addressing the envelope and making sure I’ve covered every available space with a bad joke.

“I make and send cards a lot. My best friend lives three buildings down from me, and I sent her five Valentine’s Day cards! (#Single.) My mom’s birthday was at the end of this month, and I sent her 12 (!!) birthday cards throughout February. I really wanted her to feel the love that whole month. My college roommate moved to Seattle after graduation, and every now and then I send her something just to say ‘Hi! I’m thinking about you, YOU ARE PRETTY.’ The great thing is, I send her cards more than I text her. Luckily, my cards are text messages she can keep forever.”

– Lori Novak, designer (featuring a card from our StudioInk collection)

 Find the cards featured in this post at Hallmark.com or in your local Gold Crown Hallmark store.



Digital wallpapers for a motivated March

March is when we all need a little inspiration. And the first Monday in March? Yep, pass the pick-me-ups this way, please. We’ve gotta get through the last wintery weeks before Spring comes back and makes everything OK again.

(If you live in one of those places where the sun is constantly shining, and it’s always 75, well, you’ll just have to work a little harder to come up with a reason you need to be motivated. Maybe the monotony of perfect weather? We can’t help you there.)

Today, we’re serving up three brand new digital wallpapers to keep you going, feeling good and getting-it-done this month. They are fresh from the mouths of our wise writers and the pens of our lovely lettering artists. Download ‘em and hold on for the sunshine, friends!

MARCH_WALLPAPER-HERE-GOES-NOTHING-_-thinkmakeshareblogDrew Wagner writing lettered by Amber Goodvin

MARCH_WALLPAPER-TODAY-IS-YOURS-_thinkmakeshareblogAndrew Blackburn writing lettered by Lynn Giunta

MARCH_WALLPAPER-NEVER-SAY-NOPE-_-thinkmakeshareblogKeion Jackson writing lettered by Sarah Cole

Download “Here goes nothing” HERE.

Download “Do anything” HERE.

Download “Never say nope” HERE.

Plush Club | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Getting sew crazy with the Plush Club

Hallmark designer and Plush Club member Cece Merkle gives us a glimpse into the sewing frenzy of the group, formed by fellow Hallmarkers Lisa Hadley and Allyson Lassiter.


When Allyson Lassiter and Lisa Hadley began sitting next to each other at Hallmark, their crafty, creative energy came together and sparked an interest in sewing. Before they knew it, they were both embracing a new hobby—creating plush characters by hand—and encouraging each other along the way. Little did they know they were inspiring others, too!

After creating a window display in the Hallmark Creative Library with some of their plush creations, Lisa and Allyson started getting phone calls and emails. Other Hallmarkers wanted to know how they got started and if they ever met up over lunch to sew together. The duo realized that their new hobby was attracting likeminded friends and needed an official name: The “Plush Club” was born!

Meeting up twice a month over the lunch hour, Lisa and Allyson provide a monthly challenge to keep plush clubbers flexing their sewing skills. The challenges started out simple so anyone could join in—sewing a simple shape with a face, for example—and expanded to themes like Foodie Friends, Sea Pals, and Spooky Dudes for Halloween. This friendly, no-pressure, try-anything group continues to grow and meet up to share their latest creations and sewing tips! You can expect to see more plush goodies from Allyson, Lisa, and other Plush Club members, such as Hannah Carey (her sun and narwhal are featured below), here on Think.Make.Share!



A day of giftwrap exploration with Hallmark artists

Today, Art Director Liz Lippi shares a project created around one of our favorite ways of working — pure artist exploration! Liz is an Art Director for our gift presentation line of products, which is well-known for its fresh patterns, color palettes, and perspective. Need proof? Then read on!


Exploratory projects are always the most exciting to work on because the output exceeds expectations every single time. Things just have a natural way of coming together better than you ever thought possible when you put a bunch of talented and creative people in a room together for an entire day. That’s just what we did recently for a gift wrap workshop, and we couldn’t wait to share the results with you!



The setting for our workshop was an open room with large windows in the back of Union Hill Studio (our very own Hallmark photo studio). I always love working in Union Hill because of the relaxed, open and creative environment. We set up several tables to act as stations for the workshop. We got the music playing and the treats flowing…and then the magic happened. The artists and designers broke out their tools of the trade and jumped right in. Not too much over-thinking. Just making. Doing.


The purpose of this workshop was to create on-trend, artist-inspired product that feels one-of-a-kind. We wanted to show the artist’s hand in each piece. This work was not about the perfection of the design but more about the uniqueness. We had them create individual art pieces on actual giftwrap product.


The work that came out of this project was so cool. I would literally purchase each piece if I could—and maybe even frame a few. I hope that as it makes its way out to market, people will feel the exact same way!

Photographs by Jane Kortright.

We wanna know: Would you be excited to find these in your local gold crown store?