Downloadable Summer Fun list from Hallmark Cards |

Banish boredom with a Summer Fun List

Amy Trowbridge-Yates is a gifted Hallmark Senior Writer whose witty, tell-it-like-it-is attitude knows no bounds. Today, she’s talking about one of her favorite summer traditions to share with her two daughters…and we’re helping you get in on the fun!

The “I’m booorrrreddd!” starts early in the summer at our house, with my 7-year-old out of school and my 4-year-old getting into everything her big sister has forbidden her to touch. Even with a trampoline, swing set and beloved Netflix subscription, we quickly run out of things to do.

Two years ago, I started seeing “summer lists” pop up in blog posts and thought it was a great boredom-busting idea. We were able to cross everything off our list the first year. Last year, my daughter had just finished kindergarten and was able to write our list out herself. See below for some ideas for making your own summer fun list.

Downloadable Summer Fun list from Hallmark Cards |

Summer Fun List tips:

  • Have your child write the list and be sure to include the year. Then you can tuck it away as a cute keepsake of not only your summertime memories, but also your child’s handwriting.
  • Include activities that are big (a road trip or vacation) and small (sidewalk chalk or backyard BBQs). This way, you can easily choose something to do that isn’t time-consuming or expensive to spice up a random Tuesday.
  • Take turns adding to the list, or let each member of the family pick two or three items that interest them. This is especially important if your family includes older and younger children.
  • Find a calendar of family-friendly events, such as carnivals, outdoor concerts, etc. to add to your list. Many local libraries sponsor guests or activities weekly.

Idea starters:

  • water-balloon fight
  • lemonade stand
  • backyard campout
  • homemade snow-cones
  • Drive-in movie
  • stop the ice-cream man
  • make homemade play-clay
  • go for a midnight swim
  • try two new crafts
  • bake treats for neighbors
  • pedicures
  • “dates” with mom and dad
  • Find more ideas at’s Ideas Section

Thanks to Maddox Walker for sharing his Summer Fun List with us above! Download your own lists designed by Hallmark artist Colin Walsh HERE. We would love if you’d share a photo of your family’s list on our Instagram page or in the comments here! Happy Summer!

Poppies to honor our fallen |

In honor of Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, we brought together some of our lettering artists, illustrators and quotes to create artwork appropriate for the day. Feel free to share, pin and pass it on to celebrate those who have given their lives for our country. 

Poppies to honor our fallen | thinkmakeshareblog.comFlag to honor our fallen | thinkmakeshareblog.comBold Bright Brave |

Artwork by Allie Fields, Jeanne Rittmueller, and Barb Mizik. Writing by Diana Manning.

Making humor cards with Hallmark artists lead |

Goofing around to get new kids and humor card ideas

Plush Club founder and crafting-force-to-be-reckoned-with, Allyson Lassiter is back today to share the results of a short-and-silly kids and humor card ideas workshop. Enjoy (and laugh a little, whydoncha)!

Making humor cards with Hallmark artists lead | thinkmakeshareblog.comMaking humor cards with Hallmark artists lead |

Here on the Kids and Humor teams, it’s pretty easy to reach for the old stand-by gags when creating a design for a card. We know our way around a pair of goggley eyes, that’s for sure!

So every once and a while, it’s a good idea for us to jump back and explore some new options for attachments—those little add-ons that can make a card extra funny. We decided to take a day away from our normal routine and spent some time playing with new materials that we could incorporate into our kids and humor designs.

Pulling from bits and pieces in our supply library, stuff we’ve been hoarding away at our desks, and little things we found out in the world, we each made a collection of ideas on our own style boards. When the day was over, we hung our boards near our planning rooms so we could walk by them every day and use the ideas we came up for future cards.

Making humor cards with Hallmark artists lead |

How do you refill your inspiration tank?

Photos by Jane Kortright.

Handmade succulents with Hallmark artists |

Handmade succulents five ways

Admittedly, we’ve proven ourselves succulent enthusiasts on one or two occasions. Today, we’re taking it to a whole new level with three of our craftiest artists who are using a range of materials to create their own unique handmade cacti. We’re even sharing the details for how to create one of your own! (Ahem. And you may want to keep an eye on your local Hallmark Gold Crown store for a few of the others. Just sayin.)

Handmade succulents with Hallmark artists |

Designer Leslie Seibert is a pro with felt. We love the high-contrast stitching and her sweet dotted pot!

Handmade felt succulent by Hallmark artist Leslie Seibert |

Designer Hannah Carey has never met a craft she couldn’t tackle. These tiny felt treasures are “potted” in actual miniature terra cotta pots! A mini macramé hanger is icing on the cake. (If you missed it, we shared tips on creating your own macramé hanger just last week.)

Potted cacti macrame by Hallmark designer Hannah Carey | thinkmakeshareblog.comPotted cacti macrame by Hallmark designer Hannah Carey |

We told you Hannah could do anything, didn’t we? She also created these perfectly plush crocheted cacti. (That and much more as a member of our internal “Plush Club”.)

Crochet cacti macrame by Hallmark designer Hannah Carey | thinkmakeshareblog.comCrochet cacti macrame by Hallmark designer Hannah Carey |

Designer Allyson Lassiter is the type who can make something out of nothing. That’s why when she rounded up miscellaneous found materials like beads, sequins, sand and rocks, we knew she would turn them into little works of art!

Rock cacti by Hallmark designer Allyson Lassiter | thinkmakeshareblog.comRock cacti in found containers by Hallmark designer Allyson Lassiter |

Allyson also created a beautiful watercolor paper cacti that includes a DIY template for you to create one of your very own. We’d love to see your creations. Please tag us at @Think.Make.Share if you’re on Instagram. We’ll be sure to share our favorites! Download the template HERE.

DIY paper cacti from Hallmark artist Allyson Lassiter | thinkmakeshareblog.comPaper cacti DIY from Hallmark designer Allyson Lassiter | thinkmakeshareblog.comPaper cacti DIY from Hallmark designer Allyson Lassiter |


Blue Color Story Weaving Inspiration |

Color palettes inspired by a weaving workshop

Trends designer Melissa returns to deliver an of-the-moment color palette, inspired by her recent small-loom weaving workshop.
Inspired by our weaving workshop last week, I pulled together a few of my new favorite color palettes for spring.
Pink Color Story Weaving Inspiration |
I love mixing pastels with neutrals for a slightly retro color statement. This is a perfect palette to update your home décor in the latest trend-forward colors.
Blue Color Story Weaving Inspiration |