You’ve been boo-zed: Adult Halloween printables

Just when you thought free shipping was the best thing to ever happen to doorsteps…along came something called “getting BOO-zed.” It’s like getting BOO-ed, but with a higher alcohol content. Check out these expert tips for starting a round of “you’ve been boo-zed” with friends and neighbors, and making this Halloween a whole lot more…spirited. Yeah, we said it.

Bottles of wine with free printable YOU'VE BEEN BOO-ZED tags

1. Get two bottles of wine.

Actually, any type of alcohol will do, but you can typically find wine with fun themes for a decent price. It doesn’t have to be super-fancy wine. (Better yet, grab some from your stash.) Believe me, when alcohol magically appears on your friends’ doorsteps, they will not be picky.

If you’re looking for a fun-sized option, try individual cans of sparkling wine. Or tiny, airplane-sized bottles. Or get a six-pack and spread the love around the block.

Free printable YOU'VE BEEN BOO-ZED bottle tags and window signs

2. Print the free “You’ve been BOO-zed” printables

Start with the tags: You can just print them on card stock, cut them out, hang them on the necks of the bottles and be done with it. Or you can get fancy and make little BOO-ze baskets with snacks and such, or put the bottles in cute gift bags.

And don’t forget the signs. Print them on regular paper and fold them in half so friends can put the “WE’VE BEEN BOO-ZED” sign in the window and find out how to keep the fun going.

Download the free printables here.

Wine in a copper bucket, ready to be dropped off at a neighbor's house

3. Lace up your running shoes.

Carefully place the BOO-ze on your friend’s doorstep, ring the bell, and run. (Or walk briskly. Make good choices.)

We would love more than anything to see action shots of your BOO-zing. Tag us on Instagram @Think.Make.Share. And if you’re looking for more fun, creative ways to celebrate Halloween, we’ve got you covered there, too! (May we suggest starting in the pumpkin section?)


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