You’ve Been BOOed Printable

Amy is a writer who knows how to have a good time. Not only does she crank out the sassy card copy for us here at Hallmark, but she also is full of family fun ideas. She’s let us in on her summer and back-to-school plans before. Now she’s back to inspire trick or treating activities and ideas for Halloween. One of her new favorites is the fun Halloween game of booing your neighbors and we’ve also included a free You’ve Been Booed printable.

Halloween Celebrations

My family loves Halloween. We burn vanilla-pumpkin candles, plant mums as soon as the weather dips below 70 and fall-ify every square inch of our house with at least a mini gourd. Last year, we started something new with our girls: the tried and true tradition of Halloween booing.

You've Been Booed Free Printable shows how to BOO your neighbors with easy Halloween treats and Halloween candy for a fun kids Halloween activity

What does it mean to get BOOed?

You’ve Been Booed might just be an excuse to buy and eat candy prior to the big night, but the fun of Booing neighbors with easy Halloween treats has been around for a while. You’ve Been Booed is a pay-it-forward Halloween activity that goes something like this:

How to BOO Your Neighbors

  1. Fill a box or bag or plastic pumpkin with Halloween candy or sweet treats your neighbors will love. We usually tailor ours to whichever neighbors we plan to Boo. The elderly couple across the street gets easy Halloween treats like hot cocoa packets and baked goods, or even a pumpkin candle. And the family next door with toddlers gets candy, raisins, Halloween Goldfish crackers and stickers.
  2. Print our cute, free You’ve Been Booed printable (here and here) and attach them to your goodies. One free Halloween printable has instructions for what the recipient should do next (Boo two neighbors of their own!), and one is a Halloween sign for their door to indicate their home has been BOOed (so the fun spreads to everyone!).
  3. Save your Halloween costumes for the big night! Instead get dressed in your all-black ninja gear and night vision goggles (just kidding—my family is usually in pajamas and flip flops) to sneak out and secretly deliver the Halloween candy to the porch of your lucky neighbor. Ring the bell and scatter. Or, in our case, ring the bell and lose a shoe in their yard, then cry until Mom picks you up and hobbles across the street before anyone sees her 8-year-old worn-out flannel PJ pants.
  4. Keep your eye out for “We’ve been Booed!” signs to pop up all over the ‘hood! It’s a memorable way to take kids Halloween activities from bite-size to king-size!

Are There Other You’ve Been Booed Holidays?

You bet there are. There’s You’ve Been Egged for Easter, You’ve Been Gobbled for Thanksgiving, and You’ve Been Elfed or Snowballed for Christmas. Grown-ups can get in on the fun to with You’ve Been Booed at work.

Want more clever Halloween activities? How about Halloween costume ideas? Or Halloween games? We’ve got you covered!



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