What’s it like to work with Sarah Jessica Parker?


One of my favorite moments of 2014? When I was given the opportunity to work with a team of Hallmarkers tasked with creating The Sarah Jessica Parker Collection. Dream project!

Hallmark has an archive of over a century’s worth of inspirational patterns, colors, illustrations and sentiments. When we showed Sarah Jessica our library (and our playground), you could hear the glee in her voice. It was so fun for the team to create visuals and voices that matched Mrs. Parker. But it was also a ton of fun to watch her step into our world and get swept up into the art that inspires us everyday.

It was truly collaborative: The team offered up their expertise and card-smarts, and Sarah Jessica offered her unique point of view, driven by her brilliant sense of style—and lovely personality! The great success of this line is due in part to this happy intersection.


Months of collaboration, conversations and iterations resulted in 70+ greeting cards, stationery and gift wrap that we launched in New York City early this year. Are you kidding me? What a thrill to be standing next to one of my all-time favorites, surrounded by the beautiful collection and the Manhattan skyline. Sarah Jessica stood at the podium and spoke from her heart about the authenticity of the written word, the fun she had creating this line with us, and the personal impact a thoughtful card can have if sent at the right time.

In the end, the result is stunning, if I’m allowed to say so. The collection is modern and surprising. It features rich paper stocks and unique combinations of materials, design elements and archive patterns. And it offers a gorgeous, of-the-moment (and maybe even sassy) take on the occasions and relationships that today’s woman has in her life.

With the holiday season around the corner, be sure to check out the Sarah Jessica Parker holiday line that just hit Gold Crown stores. It’s full of warmth, joy and class…just like her.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s name used under license.



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  1. 12.4.14 | Reply
    Caitlin wrote:

    There’s gift wrap!? This is so amazing! I can’t wait to go and check everything out at the store!