DIY Valentines gift box decorations: Make something sweet even sweeter

Valentine’s Day gifts fall into two main categories: Effusive and tangible proclamations of love for our very favorite sweeties (partners, kids, besties) and little tokens of affection for other people we dig. Either one of those is even better in a cute Valentines gift box, and even better than that when the gift box is personalized. So we turned a batch of Hallmark Paper Wonder Valentines Gift Boxes (three in a pack!) over to our artists to see what they’d do. The results—and their tips—below. 

How to decorate Valentines gift boxes

Getting inspired

Here’s a thing we’ve noticed: No one just sits down and starts drawing. (Probably because this is their job. But! Still!) A little planning and thought got great results.

Paper Wonder Valentines Gift Boxes |

SAMANTHA L.: For this project, I experimented on one box and got a little carried away. It helped me to simplify my final approach.

A Paper Wonder gift box decorated with painted lips and an arrow through the heart, with an envelope addressed to Bethany |

FLORA C.: I want the boxes to look sweet and cute—and at the same time, easy to make—so I went for smiley heart faces with wings. (Ed. Note: She also used strips of wrapping paper to add bands around the boxes, and taped on adorable wings.)

3 cute gift boxes with faces and pom poms on the heart |

LIVY L.: It’s easy to buy a cute product like these boxes and already be winning the Valentine’s Day game. But there’s something really fun about the idea of personalizing it for someone. It’s exciting to create something special that you know is going to inspire a smile on the receiving end.

3 DIY Gift Boxes decorated with painted floral pattern and lettered names |

KELLY C.: The boxes are ALREADY so great, but I always want to add personal touches when I’m gifting, to show my quirky side. For me, drawing little faces on the boxes made them come alive and it was exciting to give ’em little personalities.

3 Paper wonder gift boxes with cute kawaii faces drawn on them |

Supplies for Valentines gift boxes

SAMANTHA: I used acryla gouache. It’s like acrylic but it dries matte and the color selection is great.

decorated paper wonder gift boxes with the supplies used |

FLORA: Big heart-shaped and small circle-shaped hole punchers; red, pink, and white pom-poms; red, pink, and white paper stocks; scissors, black felt tip marker, double-sided tape or craft glue, and wrapping paper.

decorated paper wonder gift boxes with the supplies used like scissors, pom poms, and gift wrap |

LIVY: I used oil-based paint markers, a Sharpie, and pencils (to lightly sketch).

decorated paper wonder gift boxes with the acrylic paint markers used |

KELLY: I used acrylic paint pens! Way easier than a paintbrush and more permanent than other pens. Only downside is you have to be patient for it to dry.

How-tos and pro tips

SAMANTHA: Pick a simple shape such as a heart, star, or lips. Draw them very lightly on the box in a loose pattern. With a small pointed brush, fill in the shapes with one color and let them dry completely. Then, use a small brush or paint marker to dot on your second color and create polka dots within your shapes. Do one side at a time and let it dry so you don’t smudge your design. Buy extra boxes in case you make a mistake you can’t fix or want to experiment with some ideas.

decorated paper wonder gift boxes featuring hearts, stars, and lips |

FLORA: You can use craft glue or regular double-sided tape to fix the decorated hearts to the boxes, but I like to use double-sided sponge foam tape to give them more dimension. 

one decorated gift box with a hand-lettered envelope to Katy |

LIVY: If you’re using paint markers, be sure to let your designs dry before folding up the box. Also, for putting names on the top of the hearts, I found it easiest to do that step once the box was already closed—so I knew the name would match up perfectly across the seam in the center. 

KELLY: Sketch out what you’re thinking about doing on a scrap piece of paper first. I played with a bunch of possibilities before actually drawing on the box.

grouping of all the decorated Paper Wonder Valentines Gift Boxes |

Who gets your Valentines gift boxes?

SAMANTHA: I would use the box to house a valentine treat for my kids, their teachers, or my co-workers. The box instantly makes the treat feel special and precious. 

FLORA: I love chocolate! I would put an assortment of individually-wrapped chocolates in the boxes and give them to my friends. 

LIVY: I think this small size is perfect for all sorts of gift ideas. Cute office supplies for your child’s teacher? Small chocolates and candies for a co-worker? Some cheery nail polish and lotion for your girlfriends? I also think it’s basically the perfect size for a cupcake—but it might need an “open carefully!” warning on the outside design. 

KELLY: I would pour confetti in and add sweethearts (RIP) and chocolates and give them to all my friends and myself. Or maybe a mini donut? Or a cupcake? Basically, anything food related because that’s what V-Day is about for me.

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Photography and styling by Erin M.


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