Tiny care packages: Say “thinking of you” in the cutest way possible

Somebody you know probably has something special going on. Something that deserves notice. Something that calls for celebration. So we asked Hallmark Designers Andra K., Felicia K., and Lindsay B. to come up with creative ways to say “Way to go you!”—with one requirement: It has to be teeny. Because, as Lindsay says, “Everything’s better in miniature.” We present their solutions with hopes they’ll inspire you to make your own tiny care packages.

Small Care Packages | thinkmakeshareblog.com

How to make tiny care packages


  • small containers
  • itty bitty things
  • scraps of wrap and ribbon
  • a little bit of creativity

Small Care Packages | thinkmakeshareblog.com


Andra was thinking about a friend who lives in New York: “Music is always something we connected about. I made a curated playlist of the songs we’d jam out to in the car, but to just give a list is kinda womp-wooooomp. I thought about those vintage mix tapes and just stuffed a cassette box with extra birthday goodies.”

One of the nice things about tiny care packages is you don’t have to go shopping. “Open up your junk drawer,” Andra advises. “OK. What have I got?”

Small Care Packages | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Here’s what she used:

  • Cassette tape holder. If you don’t have one check a thrift store or your mom’s basement.
  • Festive insert. Andra traced the original cassette playlist onto this 100 fold greeting card.
  • Glassine envelope full of confetti. This would be easy to make if you don’t have it lying around.
  • Birthday candle. 
  • Balloon and a little string. 
  • Honeycomb ball. “I had a bigger one from a party, so I just cut it down to fit in the case.” [Editor’s note: GENIUS.]
  • Playlist. Just write the link on a scrap of paper.

An unexpected bonus? She expected the bits of plastic that held the cassette in place to get in the way, but they kept her items in place.

Small Care Packages | thinkmakeshareblog.com


Felicia thought back to the time she moved into a new house. “You rush through this process—trying to organize moving and make sure it all comes in one piece—and you forget to celebrate.”

Also, new homeowners focus so much on the closing they might forget to bring the essentials.

“You should treat yourself to a moment of, ‘Hey! This is a grand thing that takes a lot of work!’ So here you go: Everything you need.”

Small Care Packages | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Felicia included:

  • Toilet paper. Her “container” has a very handy secondary use. [Editor’s note: GENIUS.]
  • Corkscrew. “People give you wine, but nothing to open it with.”
  • Champagne popper. It’s a little bit of “yay”—and a great opportunity for an Instagram Boomerang moment. (“I completely forgot to take a picture the day I moved in,” Felicia laments.)
  • Confetti. Because you’re celebrating.
  • Incense and match. “I cut this down from a regular-size piece. The first thing I want is for my new place to feel like home. So I make it smell like I want it to and cleanse the space for a fresh start.”
  • Cellophane wrap, ribbon, and pom pom.

Small Care Packages | thinkmakeshareblog.com


Lindsay was thinking about a friend with a job interview coming up: “Something they’re revving up for and maybe doubting themselves a little—and you want to give them a boost and let them know you’re thinking about them.”

Her care package is a handmade box with the ittiest woo-hoo banner and mantra cards in an adorable envelope (she provided templates to print all that stuff out yourself). She recommends including one small but substantial item—in this case, lip gloss.

Small Care Packages | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Here’s how to make your own:

  • Print the free downloads. Print the first two pages of Lindsay’s template. Then flip those pages over and print the pattern on the backs. (If you want the box to be a little sturdier, print page two on card stock.
  • Mantra cards. Cut everything out. Tape the envelope together and insert the cards—maybe add your own notes on the back, too.
  • Tiny box and banner. Cut out and tape or glue the box together. Attach the flags to a piece of embroidery floss, write your letters, and string it across the lid. Suggested banner messages: “WOOHOO,” “WTGYOU,” “YAAAAY,” “OHDANG,” or your friend’s name.
  • Confetti. (Perhaps you’ve noticed a theme?) Chop your printed scraps and throw it in.
  • Binder clips. Office supplies can be useful and pretty.
  • Bobby pins. The card says, “Don’t hold anything back (except your hair).” [Editor’s note: GENIUS.]
  • Lipgloss. “Bold lips are a reminder to be bold,” says Lindsay.

Tie it all up with a bow and it’s ready to go.

Small Care Packages | thinkmakeshareblog.com

There are a million different reasons and ways to show you care. (Here are a few more.) Do these tiny care packages give you some ideas? Pretty please share them with us in the comments or on Instagram at @think.make.share.


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  1. 2.17.19 | Reply
    Anita wrote:

    This is a really ingenious idea! I hope more people do this 🙂

    • 2.19.19 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      Thank you, Anita! We agree 100%.

  2. 3.1.19 | Reply
    BeverlyHorton wrote:

    Neat little ideas ? very nice ideas.

  3. 3.5.19 | Reply
    Trina wrote:

    I love these. I especially love mailing the tiny things in a cassette case. What a cute idea! There are so many possibilities with this. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

    • 3.5.19 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      We love that you love them, Trina! Thank you!

    • 11.3.20 | Reply
      Barbara Kern wrote:

      These are such wonderful inspiring items to keep life full of surprises.

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    Linda Esola wrote:

    Just a “tiny “ FABULOUS ideas shared with heart & hands from these very creative designers !!’

  5. 3.8.19 | Reply

    Great ideas! I do things like this now…make gifts–create my own greeting cards…collage…I love Arts & Crafts!

    • 3.11.19 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      You’re our kind of people, Pamela!

  6. 3.26.20 | Reply
    mercedes scott wrote:

    love these “teeny tiny” ideas – show us more! How about just to say “thinking of you” for no apparent reason? Fun to even send anonimously…. thanks!

  7. 4.6.20 | Reply
    Natalie wrote:

    Thank you so much for these ideas! With Covid-19 going around, I made one with toilet paper, a hallmark card, a gift card, and some love. I will be sure to make more of these and when I feel bored visit think.make.share.

    • 4.8.20 | Reply
      Kelly C. wrote:

      So cute!

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    Lucy Bolognino wrote:

    Beautiful! Amazing ideas!!! Thank you for sharing your passion!

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