Why we still write Christmas thank-you cards

What’s your POV on thank-you notes? Do you believe you should write the note before you enjoy the gift…or do you say your thanks with warm hugs and effusive phone calls? Do you express your gratitude in your prettiest cursive on your best stationery…or a string of emojis in a text message? When you give a gift, is the recipient’s joy all the thanks you need…or do you love a little note of appreciation? And a timely question: Have you written your Christmas thank-you cards yet?

tips for writing and sending thank-you cards

To some, formal thank-you note writing feels like a generational thing. Then there are people like my mom, who would sniff and say, “it’s a common courtesy thing.” (And she would say this very pointedly, because one of her children is really good at thank-you cards and one—who happens to work at a greeting card company—is not.)

However you feel about writing thank-you notes, you have to admit it’s a nice thing to do. And since it’s the beginning of the year and we’re making healthy, responsible decisions, we’re adding “send Christmas thank-you cards” to our to-do list for the week.

How to write a thank-you note

We’ve got lots of help with this part.

  • If you’d want a refresher on basic structure, Hallmark Editor Jeanne F. has your back with this simple template.
  • If you need some additional motivation, Writer Keely C. will boss you around a little.
  • We’ve got some tips for writing notes and letters, too.
  • And if you would honestly just like ideas for what to actually write down, Keely has all the words.
  • Want to raise gracious kiddos? Writer and mom Molly W. has hints for getting them to write thank-yous.

Why to send thank-you cards

Sure. You absolutely could call or text or say “thanks” the next time you see someone. But there are good reasons to put your gratitude in writing.

  • Tell them how much they matter to you. If “practicing mindfulness” is on your list of things to do more of in the new year, here’s a great start. Sit with your pen and paper, visualize the person who gave you the gift, and think about what they mean to you. Then write from the heart.
  • Let the sender know you got the gift. A thank-you card tells Mom that online order got to you, lets Grandma know you liked the sweater, and reassures your co-worker that no one stole the cookies they left on your chair.
  • Stay on the nice list. People who appreciate hand-written thank-you cards have strong feelings about them. Just saying. 
  • It’s an excuse to get more stationery. We do love some good paper and nice pens. And it turns out we make them.

sending thank-you cards

Photography by Ty H.

Sending timely, thoughtful thank yous is a way we’ll show we #careenough this year. How are you bringing you resolutions to life? Share with us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram with #pswritebacksoon!


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