Stationery essentials: How to create your note-writing wardrobe

Being the super-thoughtful person you are, you understand the value of a well-stocked stash of stationery essentials. Having the right note cards and envelopes makes it easy to dash off a timely thank-you note or birthday greeting. It’s kind of like having a closet full of exactly the right clothes for any occasion. 

Just in time for National Card and Letter Writing Month, we’ve got recommendations for creating—or refreshing— a “wardrobe” of stationery essentials that fits your snail mail style perfectly.


Favorite stationery: five designs from |

  1. Gold Leaf Blank Note Cards  |  2. Hello Beautiful Blank Note Cards  |  3. Signature Assorted Notes  |  4. Grey and Gold Stationery Set With Pen  |  5. Gold Stripes on Mint Note Cards

We love the sophistication of these on-trend pastels with gold foil accents. You could almost get by with the box of Signature Assorted Notes alone: There’s a basic thank-you card, a simple “hello” for reconnecting or more formal messages, a festive “hooray” for things like birthdays and good news, and an all purpose “congrats.”

Want to send someone a compliment or pick them up when they’re feeling down? “Hello, Beautiful” is a great lead-in.

And it’s also handy to have some muted looks on hand. The gray and mint cards are appropriate for formal, serious, and even somber occasions.


Need a little help with what to say in a note? Hallmark writers have your back with advice on what to write in almost any situation.


Favorite stationery: four designs from |

  1. Assorted Everyday Cards |  2. Thanks a Bunch Banana Note Cards  |  3. Yasss! Blank Note Cards  |  4. Abstract Half Circles Blank Note Cards

Again, we start with a box of basics and add a few blank notecards and some fun, flexible messages. Thank-you notes with a little whimsy might just tempt you to send them more often—and “YASSS!” is so much fun to say you’ll find more reasons to say it.

Pro tip

You’ll send more notes if you have everything you need on hand—and that includes stamps. Go to USPS right now and pick out a few designs you love.


Favorite stationery: five designs from |

  1. Blush Pink Gold Wave Blank Note Cards  |  2. Your Kindness Means So Much Thank You Notes  |  3. Pink Tones Paper and Envelope Stationery Set |  4. Hello Beautiful Note Cards |  5. Wildflowers Paper and Envelopes Stationery Set

We rounded up a whole bunch of lovely here because we just couldn’t resist. Who wouldn’t love the sincerity of “your kindness means so much” as a slightly stepped-up way of saying “thanks.” You’ll also notice a couple of the sets come with note paper instead of cards—perfect when you’re writing a love letter, updating a pen pal, or just feeling a little more wordy.

Pro tip

You’ll love writing longer letters when you have the right pen. Experiment to find the ideal weight, thickness, ink flow, and design—and when you sign your name, you’ll do it with flair. (And yes, this certainly is a Harry Potter Feather Pen.)


Favorite stationery: four designs from |

  1. That Was So Kind Thank You Notes  |  2. Bold Cut Paper Floral Note Cards |  3. Color Dots and Gold Thank You Cards  |  4. Hello, Sunshine Blank Note Cards

Are you the type who brightens up every room you walk into? Dreams in technicolor? Even thinks in exclamation points? Then your stationery should reflect your colorful personality.

We suggest supplementing these note cards with a stash of individual greeting cards that fit your look and are personally picked for the people you’re sending them to. We think you’ll love our little 100 Fold cards (the “thanks” notes above are part of that line) and the Signature collection for extra fancy moments.

One last pro tip

That brings us to our final bit of advice: Keep a little stack of greeting cards on hand for situations you know come up a lot, like birthday cards co-workers, “you got this” cards for friends going through times, and silly just-because cards for kiddos. Around here, we talk about the “calendar flip”: When you turn the page to a new month, make a list of all your family and friends’ big and small occasions and get thee to the card shop.


Favorite Just Because Minis designs from |

  1. Mini Good Vibes Rainbow Encouragement Card |  2. Mini Heart Pop-Up Blank Card |  3. Mini Thanks a Bunch Card  |  4. Mini You’re a Good One Thank You Card  |  5. Mini Rainbow Pop-Up Blank Card  |  6. Mini One Day at a Time Encouragement Card  |  7. Mini Nice Buns Love Card  |  8. Mini Kick Butt Today Good Luck Card

You’ll be shocked and surprised to hear we do a lot of thinking about the effect getting cards and mail has on people. Two things we know: It feels as good to send a card as is does to receive one, and “out of the blue” cards have a big impact. Even if they’re teeny. That’s why we made a whole line of Just Because Minis—tiny little messages to drop on a desk, tuck in a pocket, or slip in a bunch of flowers. All of them have cute designs inside—some have pop-ups. Go look.

We are all over National Card and Letter Writing Month, y’all. Start here to get inspired. Send or get anything good in the mail lately?  Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram and tag it #pswritebacksoon.


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