Create your own dreamy room decor with a DIY star wall hanging

In a newborn’s nursery or a big kid’s bedroom, anything to encourage peaceful sleep makes a welcome addition to décor. We created this DIY star wall hanging with glittery stars and moons to inspire sweet dreams and a good night’s rest. (Plus it’s not a nightmare to make at all.)

DIY Star Wall Hanging: glittery paper stars hanging on twine from a tree branch |

How to make a DIY star wall hanging

What you’ll need

  • one 3′-5′ tree branch (if you can’t find a pretty one, you can spray paint one or use a dowel)
  • card stock or pre-cut wood or paper stars in various sizes (1″  to 3″)
  • craft glue
  • foam brushes
  • wrapping paper
  • glitter
  • plastic spoons
  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • twine
  • pencil
  • nail, screw, or hook for hanging
  • mini clothes pins (optional)

Supplies for the DIY Star Wall Hanging: branch, wrapping paper, mini clothes pins, craft glue, glitter, paper stars, scissors, craft knife, twine, paper plates, foam brushes |

Start with the stars

For visual variety, you’ll want two or three sizes of stars—and several dozen of each size. You’ll need two identical star shapes to create one hanging star. Given the numbers, you might prefer to buy pre-cut star shapes made of paper or wood. If not, cut your own stars from card stock.

Pro tip

Also cut out one or several other night-sky shapes such as clouds and crescent moons. Make them large enough to stand out.

Applying mod podge to cardstock star in order to glue on the gift wrap for the DIY Star Wall Hanging |

Cutting out the stars for the DIY Star Wall Hanging |

To decorate the stars, consider complementing your nursery or bedroom color palette. (We went with gold because twinkle.) You may decorate each star any way you wish—here are a few ideas:

  • Use gift wrap. Cut wrapping paper into squares a little bigger than your star shapes. Use a foam brush to spread glue on one side of a star, then press that side to the unprinted side of the wrapping-paper square. When the glue is dry, use scissors or a craft knife to trim the extra paper from the edges of the star.
  • Add some glitter. Use a foam brush to spread glue on one side of a star. Hold the star over a paper plate and use a spoon to coat the glue with glitter. Tip the star over the plate to shake off excess glitter—then sprinkle it again to cover any spots you missed the first time.

Applying mod podge to one side of cut out stars for DIY Star Wall Hanging |

glittering a star for the DIY Star Wall Hanging |

  • Get crafty. You can also paint your stars—use spray paint for super-speedy results. If they’re made of wood, try dip dying them. Or try the wrapping paper method, but with fabric. You could even let an older sibling decorate them.
  • Write a wish for sweet dreams. A fun and meaningful way to personalize your wall hanging is to add sentiments for sweet dreams. Leave one side of the star un-decorated and add a message with a marker or paint pen. Or write your sentiments on the blank side of a star, and attach it to the twine with a mini-clothespin.

Wrinting a wish upon a star to hang on the wall hanging |

String them up

Once you have your stars decorated the way you like, you’re ready to attach them to strands of twine.

tying a string of stars to a large wood stick for the DIY Star Wall Hanging |

Cut 7-9 pieces of twine to varying lengths—we recommend making each one at least as long as the branch they’ll hang from. When you add stars, make sure you leave enough space on one end to tie it to the branch.

Pick a pair of same-size stars. Use a foam brush to spread glue on the undecorated side of one star.

Lay a strand of twine down the center of one star, then press the other on top to hold the twine in place.

Then add more stars along the same piece of twine…and to all the other pieces.

Let them dry completely before tying each strand to the branch.

To space your strands of twine evenly, start by tying one piece in the middle of the branch. Add one more to each end of the branch. Then space the rest out between the first three.

Pro tip

If you have super-specific ideas about how you want your stars to line up, start by laying all the twine out of a table with the tops aligned. Use a marker or a little piece of tape to indicate where you’d like each star to go, then proceed as above.

attaching a star to the DIY Star Wall Hanging with a mini clothespin |

Put up your DIY star wall hanging

This part works best with a buddy.

Holding the branch horizontally, position it against the wall—move it up and down until you’re happy with the height.

Mark the spot where you’d want the nail, screw, or hook to go. Put the branch aside and hammer, screw, or twist the hanger in.

Cut a piece of twine about twice as long as the branch. Tie one end of the twine to one end of the branch.

Hold the branch in place, then pull that piece of twine up over the hanger and loop it around the other end of the stick.

The rest is simple—tie the twine in place, cut off any loose ends, and put up your DIY star wall hanger.

DIY Star Wall Hanging |

OF COURSE we want to see it. Share your finished wall hanging and tag us on Instagram @think.make.share.


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