Artists create #SignatureStyle place settings from Wedding Cards

If you ask artists what inspires them, many will tell you that inspiration comes from the things we experience in the world around us! For this design challenge, a group of designers used gorgeous Hallmark Signature wedding cards as inspiration for place settings. Hallmark editor, Signature team member and first time contributor, Meg B., tells us all about the varied choices the designers used to create these elegant tablescapes.

It’s wedding season! And the Hallmark Signature team is feeling the love and inspiration! Signature’s own Mandy F. designed three gorgeous wedding cards featuring distinct style trends. With these cards as their inspiration, designers Ellie K., Piper W., Mandy F., and Jen K. created formal place settings that might be just right for your wedding season needs.


Ellie captured the romance of a wedding day in this beautiful place setting. Because the card depicts traditional wedding imagery of a tuxedo and a dress, Ellie kept the design classic. She pulled colors exclusively from the card to create a cohesive statement. To set off those colors, Ellie placed black suit fabric beneath the charger and flatware that also evoked the feel of the tux.

The textured layers of the dress fabric inspired the plate and flatware choices, while the sequined tablecloth serves as a fitting backdrop for the entire setting with its similarity to the iridescence of the card background. To complete the happily-ever-after ambiance, Ellie incorporated multiple candles and a bouquet of flowers.

After this seemingly effortless creation of an exquisite place setting, Ellie noted that it contrasted with her own wedding experience. To accommodate 200 guests (after she talked her parents down from 400), she designed her wedding for simplicity!


To create this boho/natural chic look, Piper paired something old with something new, something borrowed with nothing blue (because color palette!) The card that inspired the design features a prominent “mr & mrs” lasered out of wood. Based on that element, Piper chose the tree slice charger as the foundation for the entire place setting. Bark-wrapped candles, pinecones, peonies, and faux moss balls all reinforce the motif of natural materials.

Using light pink as the accent color, Piper carried it through the place setting in the napkin, plate, and flowers. The rustic burlap tablecloth sets off the gold flatware and vintage glassware accents.

This subtle, natural place setting is very different from the aesthetic of Piper’s own wedding–she and her husband hosted a bright and lively Hawaiian-themed party!


From the shimmery white tablecloth to the gold-rimmed coffee cup, every element of this card-inspired design drips with sophistication. Mandy loves using simplistic backgrounds with hints of opulence and drew some of her inspiration from intricate chandeliers and marbled patterns. Jen credits the sparkle of the gems on the card for many of the design choices: an asymmetrical blown-glass charger, metallic flatware, and a glittery decorative feather.

Mandy noted that this design is all about richness and simplicity. The plain white cake perfectly embodies a restrained elegance. Pink peonies and white roses are the icing on the cake of this high-end place setting. Looking at the result of the collaboration between Jen and Mandy, you might be surprised to hear that Jen was married in a garden wearing a sundress!

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