How to create a #SignatureStyle party inspired by the Thimblepress collection

Hallmark designer Mandy F. knows how to throw a party! When we found out she was hosting a birthday party for a coworker, we asked her if she would use Hallmark Signature’s artist collaboration with Thimblepress as inspiration. She was thrilled and up for the challenge. Read on to see how she absolutely exceeded our expectations! And be sure to check out the whole Thimblepress collection at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store or online.

Thimblepress Inspired Party |

Thimblepress Inspired Party |

Here at Hallmark we really like to make special occasions sparkle and shine! A birthday celebration for a coworker becomes even more exciting when we add the element of surprise. Oh! And lots of glitter and confetti!

Thimblepress Inspired Party |

Thimblepress Inspired Party |

Thimblepress Inspired Party |

Check out this party we threw for McKenzie, our friend and teammate, that was totally inspired by a Signature card collection collaboration with Kristen Ley at Thimblepress. Sequins, confetti, and glitter – oh my! These cards are no ordinary cards and this would be no ordinary celebration! Did we mention pull-string piñatas and push-pop confetti? Visit Thimblepress for party goods and read below for an easy DIY on how to make your very own party piñata!

Thimblepress Inspired Party |



  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper – any color
  • Japanese lantern (12″-16” in diameter)
  • Crepe paper (various colors)
  • Candy & confetti
  • Ribbon (various colors)
  • Tape or multipurpose craft glue


  • Cut 12 pieces of ribbon each 12″ long. Cut one more piece of ribbon 24″ long to serve as the “winning ribbon.”
  • Assemble the paper lantern according to the package directions.
  • Place the longest ribbon across the bottom lantern hole so the ribbon hangs proportionally on both sides. Tape one side of the ribbon inside the lantern a couple of inches up from bottom. Pull the ribbon taut across the opening and tape the ribbon on other side of lantern as you did on the first side. (Pulling this ribbon will rip off the bottom of piñata when used at the event.)

Thimblepress Inspired Party |

  • Once the longest ribbon is attached, tape or glue two layers of tissue paper on the bottom to close off the hole.
  • Tape the rest of ribbons around the outside of the lantern so they hang at the same distance from the bottom as the winning ribbon. Continue taping ribbons with an inch or so in-between until the entire circumference of the lantern has ribbons hanging from it. These ribbons are for decoration only and will simply pop off when pulled.
  • Cut crepe paper into fringed pieces and begin layering over the lantern, beginning with where the ribbons are so the tape can be hidden. Layer colors however you wish using your own party color palette.
  • Once your piñata is covered in fringe, fill it with candy and confetti from the top.

Thimblepress Inspired Party |

  • Hang the piñata from the ceiling or simply have a friend hold it from above. Have everyone grab a ribbon and pull. Enjoy!

Thimblepress Inspired Party |

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Photography: Lindsey Mehlhorn


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  1. 8.28.16 | Reply
    Lavues wrote:

    Such a colourful and fun party! Love your decorations!

  2. 7.19.17 | Reply
    Kate wrote:

    Love it all! ? Where is the golden hello gorgeous sign from?

    • 7.20.17 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      hi Kate,

      It was custom made by the designer to mimic the greeting card from the Thimblepress collection. Adorable, right?

  3. 5.15.19 | Reply
    Nina wrote:

    Where’s the white popup table from?

    • 5.15.19 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      This probably isn’t much help…it came from our photo studio prop room. Not sure where they got it!