Collaborating Artist Spotlight: Samantha Lewis & Studio Ink

Hallmark illustrator Samantha Lewis recently worked with Studio Ink to create a lovely, lighthearted collection of Mother’s Day cards. Think.Make.Share couldn’t be more excited to show it off. Read on as guest blogger and Studio Ink Art Director Rachel S. gives you a peek at the collection—and also at the mommy-lifestyle that inspired Samantha’s art.

Studio Ink loves Sam Lewis |

Mothers are the best.

No matter how many you have, how “official” they are, how they appeared in your life, or what names they go by (Mom, Aunt, Grandma, Nana, or even neighbor), they all deserve to be celebrated (and delighted) this Mother’s Day. So when we thought about what we wanted to wish our moms at Mother’s Day, we immediately thought about Samantha Lewis’ style and playful point of view.


Lucky for us, Samantha had lots of amazing visual ideas and sweet messages to share.

Studio Ink loves Sam Lewis |

It just so happens that she’s a mom herself, to this amazing little lady, Johanna:

Studio Ink loves Sam Lewis |

Samantha has been part of our team since the beginning. We love her dreamy lettering and beautiful nature-inspired patterns in just-plain-perfect color palettes. We love the way she sees the world.

Studio Ink loves Sam Lewis |

Her Mother’s Day collection is so much fun—full of florals, hand-painted lettering and delicate silver foil details.

Studio Ink loves Sam Lewis |

Yes, they’re greeting cards, but they really are also tiny pieces of art—for just $2.49.

Studio Ink loves Sam Lewis |

With sentiments like, “Forget brunch, let’s hit the bars,” “I love the way you mom me,” and “You taught me to be myself, any regrets?” they’re perfect for all the moms in our lives—whether they’re our “official’ moms or not!

You can find Samantha’s Studio Ink collection in Gold Crown stores and online. Make sure to check out other Studio Ink collections in-store and online, too. Tag us if you share your favorites on Instagram. (@think.make.share @getstudioink) And if you can’t get enough of Studio Ink, find them on Twitter and Tumblr.

Family photo courtesy of Sam Lewis | Product photos by Studio Ink



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