What to do on Random Acts of Kindness Day? Spoiler alert: We have ideas

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and what’s not to love about that? (That’s tomorrow, BTW.) The very talented Amber G. was kind enough to make these cut-paper share-ables in the event that you’re looking for some nice things to do just because. 

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! lettered message


Of course you don’t need to limit your niceness to Random Acts of Kindness Day. But sometimes we need a little poke to remind us to put good in the world, so here it is.


What if you walked into your office or classroom and gifted people with donuts? They might just be the Official Snack of Kindness.

Lettered message: Bring in donuts for your team.


Having a dog and walking a dog is, of course, the absolute best thing that could happen to a human. But sometimes even the best dog havers have a long day or need to work through lunch. What if you offered to walk their dog for them? And what if—because that dog is a good dog yes it is it’s the very best dog yes—you made that good dog a toy? Or embroidered that dog a personalized collar?

Or what if you made a batch of dog treats to take to the very good dogs at a shelter?

Lettered message: Offer to walk a neighbor's dog.


What if you pulled a card out of your stash—or turned a 3×5 into a postcard, even—and wrote a note to someone you miss? Just to say “hi”? And after that you decorated the envelope to make 1000% sure your friend feels special?

Lettered message: Send a card to a friend you miss.


What if when you stopped to pick up a bag salad and TP you grabbed a bouquet of flowers or a plant and just gave it to someone? Or even divided up that bouquet and put flowers in a few pretty bottles or jars with a tag attached that said “you’re amazing” or hand made your own canvas planter wrap?

Lettered message: Give flowers just because.


What if you bought a coffee for the next person in line in the drive through? You could be responsible for starting a chain of kindness that goes on for eternity. Or what if you know your cube-mate loves her a soy latte, and picked one up on your way in?

Lettered message: Buy a coffee for somebody.


What if—stay with us on this one—you baked an amazing cake and just took it to somebody? Your coworkers, obviously, or a fire station, or a non-profit organization where the front office workers do good things all day? Bonus: You get to lick the beaters.

Lettered message: Bake a cake and hand-deliver it.

There are so many ways to be kind. We can think of a million. Some started as being fall- or holiday-specific, but most work whenever. Pretty much anything you make could be given as a gift of kindness. You can share kind thoughts. And teach your kids to be kind.

What nice thing will you do for Random Acts of Kindness Day? Share it with the hashtags #RandomActsofKindnessDay and #CareEnough.

Artwork by Hallmark artist Amber G.


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