A sweet + easy way to package Christmas cookies (and bonus party ideas!)

If you’re a giver of homemade treats, we’ve got a super-cute and incredibly easy way to package Christmas cookies. And it’s flexible: wrap a couple of cookies or a plateful of brownies…as party favors or gifts…for guests, coworkers, neighbors, or anyone with a sweet tooth. Maybe best of all, you probably have everything you need already. 

Packaging Christmas cookies to look like candy


Supplies for packaging Christmas cookies to look like candy

How to package Christmas cookies

Stack two sheets of tissue paper together, smooth them out, and cut into a square. Using two sheets makes your result a little bit stronger!

Cutting red and white striped gift wrap | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Set a paper plate in the middle of your tissue square.

Place a couple cookies on the plate. The number of cookies might vary depending on the size of the cookie—you want the plate to be full, but not piled high. Cover the cookies with a second plate, flipped upside down.

Pro tip

If your plate is big enough that your cookies don’t overlap, you can keep them from wiggling by “gluing” them down with a little buttercream frosting on the back.

Iced sugar cookies on a paper plate | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Use your washi tape to secure the plates together in at least three places.

Take a break and eat a cookie. They look delicious and you deserve it.

Taping plates together to package Christmas cookies

Fold the top portion of the tissue paper over the plates and secure with tape. Repeat with the bottom portion.

Packaging Christmas cookies to look like candy

Packaging Christmas cookies to look like candy

On one side, gather the tissue closest to the plate so the ends are still puffed out. Tie it with a ribbon, then repeat on the other side.

Packaging Christmas cookies to look like candy

Packaging Christmas cookies to look like candy

Use the edge of a scissor blade to curl the ribbon on both sides.

Packaging Christmas cookies to look like candy: curling ribbon

Packaging Christmas cookies to look like candy

Bonus party fun!

Because we are festive, we made a little photo booth using a few different wrapping paper designs: One for a backdrop and another to decorate the props. For these, we used spray mount to stick wrapping paper to cardboard, then cut them out with a craft knife and taped them to skewers.

Gift wrap used as photo booth props

Supplies for covering cardboard trees with wrapping paper | thinkmakeshareblog.com

For a little decoration—just right for a centerpiece, buffet table, or mantel—we covered paper mache cone trees (available at craft stores) in more wrapping paper. It couldn’t be easier, and we can change out the pattern and colors every year.

Gift wrap-covered cardboard cones | thinkmakeshareblog.com


We’d love to see how you package Christmas cookies! Show us on Instagram @think.make.share. And while you’re wrapping treats, check out our ideas for that and so much more!



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  1. 11.28.18 | Reply
    Sarah wrote:

    What size paper plates?

    • 11.29.18 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      You can use any size—just pick something that fits the snacks you want to wrap.

  2. 12.6.18 | Reply
    Sandy Rivera wrote:

    I love this idea it’s perfect for little presents very inexpensive. Thank you for sharing.

  3. 12.6.18 | Reply

    Just dont cut down the tissue if you use larger plates. We used the desert sized ones for this tutorial.