Hallmark Keepsake Artists dress the Mayor’s Christmas tree

Today we’re going behind the scenes with Hallmark Master Designer Tammy Haddix. When she isn’t creating Keepsake ornaments, she’s joining forces with other Hallmarker Keepsake Artists for ornament painting to dress a one-of-a-kind Mayor’s Christmas tree. Join us as she shares a few things about her career, and lets us in on how it all came to life. Read on!

Coffee or tea?
Both! Depends on the day, I drink coffee only on the weekends and iced tea the rest of the time.

How long have you been at Hallmark?
It will be 29 years in 2017.

And have you always been a Designer?
Yes. First I started out as an illustrator, and then became a sculptor in Keepsakes.

If I weren’t a designer, I’d be…
I don’t know.

Where did the idea come from to put ornaments on the mayor’s tree?
We have talked about it in Keepsakes forever. But Brent R., Hallmark’s Prototype Studio Leader, is the one who got the idea actually going! He figured out how we could get the ornaments made.

Tell us about the ornament that was selected for the tree.
I looked for the simplest ornament that had been done in a 3D program, so we could upsize and grow it into something to mold from. We thought a snowman was the best option for our first try at this.

Tell us more about the ornament painting event that took place for the ornaments.
We were able to gather 25 Hallmarkers together to help us paint 50 ornaments. Everyone in our village (that’s what we call ourselves in the Keepsakes department) gathered together to get the job done. We had a great time hanging out, chatting, and painting the snowmen. It was nice to get away from our daily jobs and spend time together. That, and we made a little bit of history adding Keepsake ornaments to the mayor’s Christmas tree!

Anything else we need to know?
Brent R. designed a hook design to keep the ornament on the tree for safety. We would love to add another ornament design to the tree next year.

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  1. 11.24.17 | Reply
    Jackie Vinson wrote:

    I have two snowmen that Tammy and Nina customized for the 2016 KOC convention. They are beyond beautiful!