Goofing around to get new kids and humor card ideas

Plush Club founder and crafting-force-to-be-reckoned-with, Allyson Lassiter is back today to share the results of a short-and-silly kids and humor card ideas workshop. Enjoy (and laugh a little, whydoncha)!

Making humor cards with Hallmark artists lead | thinkmakeshareblog.comMaking humor cards with Hallmark artists lead |

Here on the Kids and Humor teams, it’s pretty easy to reach for the old stand-by gags when creating a design for a card. We know our way around a pair of goggley eyes, that’s for sure!

So every once and a while, it’s a good idea for us to jump back and explore some new options for attachments—those little add-ons that can make a card extra funny. We decided to take a day away from our normal routine and spent some time playing with new materials that we could incorporate into our kids and humor designs.

Pulling from bits and pieces in our supply library, stuff we’ve been hoarding away at our desks, and little things we found out in the world, we each made a collection of ideas on our own style boards. When the day was over, we hung our boards near our planning rooms so we could walk by them every day and use the ideas we came up for future cards.

Making humor cards with Hallmark artists lead |

How do you refill your inspiration tank?

Photos by Jane Kortright.


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