Introducing a new coloring book from Hallmark…for grown-ups!

Remember the good old days, when you could lose yourself for hours with just a box of Crayons and a fresh coloring book? Pages and pages of black and white just waiting for your genius application of color. Lines to be respected and colored between—or ignored and colored right over. The ability to create a whole new world just by choosing a different hue for the sky, an unconventional shade for the sea.

Kids-at-heart are bringing that nostalgia into the now with the current popularity of coloring books for adults. You can find grown-up coloring artists showing off their work on social media and searching out the newest and freshest pages to fill. We here at Hallmark are coloring-book enthusiasts, too, as you can imagine. And now we have our own coloring book to share with our color-crazy peers the world over!

The Art of Hallmark: A Coloring Book by Hallmark Artists is 45 pages of pure coloring freedom, designed to hold up to your medium of choice, whether Crayons, pencils, or markers. Nine artists contributed illustrations for your coloring pleasure: Sarah Walsh, Flora Chang, Rie Egawa-Zbryk, Amber Goodvin, Sam Lewis, Mirna Stubbs, Sarah Cole, Lisa Rogers and Terry Runyan.

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  1. 7.26.15 | Reply
    KarenV wrote:

    The book is now out of stock on the Hallmark website and also only seems to be available in the US. Are you planning on making this book available worldwide please?

  2. 9.25.15 | Reply
    Deborah Herrick wrote:

    Oh I love it! How do I order one??