New artisan-made plush collections

Our friend Lisa H., Hallmark designer, is a plush master. Her personal plush characters are a unique combo of cute and cool, and we’re lucky to have her on the blog today to talk about Hallmark’s new artisan-made plush collection

Artist-inspired Plush from Hallmark | thinkmakeshareblog.comArtist-inspired Plush Collections from Hallmark |

One of the greatest parts of working at Hallmark is that you never know what creative opportunities might come about. A group of us who share a love of sewing outside of work gather together twice a month for Plush Club lunches. There, we exchange tips, share our latest creations and add a few stitches to our current projects. Although our styles and levels of expertise are different, the one thing we all have in common is that we love to hand-make plush! So, you can only imagine our excitement when we were approached to work on a plush project for Hallmark. Of course, we all said YES!

Artist-inspired Plush Collections from Hallmark | thinkmakeshareblog.comArtist-inspired Plush Collections from Hallmark |

The project was to make a collection of plush inspired by our own personal styles and interests. Myself and artists Hannah C., Karla T., Leslie S., and Keda M. gathered together with our sewing machines and got to work! Just like we do at our sewing lunches, we all helped each other along the way. But this time the big difference is that we get to share our handmade work with you!

Artist-inspired Plush Collections from Hallmark |

From whimsical furry friends to soft succulents and sweet treats, each artist had an entirely different approach to this project. I think that is what makes the end result personal and meaningful. You’ll find that each artist collection has a story behind it and little touches that make it feel special and unique.

Artist-inspired Plush Collections from Hallmark | thinkmakeshareblog.comArtist-inspired Plush Friends Collection from Hallmark |

Browse all the collections at and take home your favorites…or give them to plush-loving people on your holiday gift list!

*Please note that some design changes have been made since product was photographed for this post. Find final versions on


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