National Donut Day celebration level: Expert

For some of us, every day is Donut Day. So on National Donut Day (June 1, BTW), it feels like we gotta level it up. Want to do the same? Here are some ideas to help you put the humble donut on a pedestal—er, platter. 

Donuts on a platter for National Donut Day

How to party like it’s National Donut Day (even if it’s not)

What we did:

  • Giant Wall o’ Donuts
  • Giant tissue confetti
  • Donut toppers
  • Photo booth wearables

Giant Donut Wall for National Donut Day


Yes. We are aware that this is extremely silly. BUT! If you make one, you have an excuse (nay, an obligation) to fill it often.

This one is pretty simple: Peg board + quarter-inch wooden dowels (cut to 3.5-4 inches and sanded) + donuts. Some tips:

  • If you paint it, use non-toxic paint so it’s food safe.
  • If yours is humongous, like ours, you can support it with 1″x3″ or 1″x4″ planks attached with nails, screws, or wood glue.
  • For ombré gorgeousness, choose donuts in three shades of the same color.

Donuts on a platter for National Donut Day


It’s as easy as using a large circle paper punch on some tissue paper. As you can see, we blew out our theme with “other mostly round things.” The easiest decoration was a wrapping paper table runner.

Donuts served up for National Donut Day

Donut toppers

If you can top a cake or cupcake, you can top a donut. Our favorite way to make treat-toppers is super-cinchy:

  1. Find some cute stationery or gift wrap.
  2. Spray mount your designs to card stock (if necessary) and cut them out with a craft knife.
  3. Tape each topper to a toothpick or bamboo skewer.

Donuts on a platter for National Donut Day

Donuts on platters for National Donut Day

Photo booth wearables

We are nothing if not silly. And when you have a Giant Wall o’ Donuts, why would you not push it further into Instagram territory by adding some sweet, sweet donut accessories?

Start with pictures of donuts. You can:

  • Take a picture of your donuts.
  • Download an illustration of a donut.
  • Our choice: Draw a big circle with a smaller circle inside it and color it in like a donut.

Print those puppies out on card stock and cut them out with a craft knife. Then attach them to random things you find at a dollar-for-everything store, like head-bobbers, sunglasses, hats, necklaces. If you can find a giant donut inflatable, make it your own.

You do you, y’all.

Insta-worthy wearables for National Donut Day

Insta-worthy wearables for National Donut Day

Then grab your friends and take goofy photos.

If you do not make at least one Boomerang, you have missed an enormous opportunity.

Insta-worthy wearables for National Donut Day

More ideas: Download our donut-inspired wallpapers. Or make your own donut pinata.


We are dying of curiosity. How will you celebrate National Donut Day? Show it off. We’re on Facebook and Instagram.

Photography and styling: Erin M.


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