20+ creative ways to spend Mother’s Day time together

At a certain point, many people find themselves more about doing things than having things. And that’s what’s on our minds as we think about this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s about honoring our Moms or letting our families know how we want to celebrate, the gift of time is at the top of our list. Time with the people we love. Time to do what we love. Time to relax and be present and enjoy the moment. Here are 20-plus ideas for Mother’s Day time together. 

Mother’s Day time together…maybe the perfect gift?

The gift of time is oh-so-right for so many reasons:

  • You can share it or prepare for it or just enable it.
  • It can happen on Mother’s Day or any other day.
  • It can be all about the experience. Tangible results are a great bonus.
  • You could choose “Mommy and Me” activities for you and your mom, or you and your kids, or multiple generations—add siblings for even more fun.
  • It’s the most personal gift of all.

Mama likes her quiet time

Want the peaceful easy feeling of a lazy afternoon? Try one of these:

Spend Mother's Day time together by making these macrame keychains

Make something together

Try a new craft or stick with a favorite hobby. Bundle up the supplies you’ll need ahead of time and spend a few hours sitting together across a table or curled up on the sofa. We suggest diving into macramé (simple keychains or go for something more ambitious) or some embroidery (YES, it’s back!)—and exchanging your art at the end.

DIY bookmarks with tassels for spending Mother's Day time together

Browse some books

Get lost in a bookstore or library. To commemorate the day, download and print our bookmark patterns or customizable bookplates.

Decorated envelope for a letter to Mom

Write letters to each other

Take some time to put your feelings to paper. Tell stories. Give compliments. Make it beautiful. We’ve got letter writing tips—and if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could make envelopes out of your own marbled paper.

All hail the Earth Mothers

Does Mom love sun on her face and a little dirt under her nails? Why don’t you…

pressed flowers on white background for Mother's Day time together

Head out to the garden

Spend a few hours making things grow together. Gather some flowers for pressing. Or create some extreme macramé garden art.

Spend Mother's Day time together by making mini macrame plant hangers with pinch pots

Celebrate her green thumb

We’ve got lots of planter-related projects that will make her potted friends feel pretty: concrete vases and containers, canvas planter wraps, mini macramé plant hangers, and terrariums.

make your own watercolor art using a mini paint palette for Mother's Day time together

Capture a bit of the outdoors

Choose a spot, and paint, sketch, or photograph the world around you. You could make your own mini paint palette to take along. Or draw in the wild as the start of a sketchbook swap. Or take pictures of plants and bring them home to paint.

Mom’s heart is in the kitchen

For some of us, cooking and baking are want-tos, not have-tos. Gather the ingredients—and swear you’ll clean up after—and make food and memories together.

Spend Mother's Day time together by baking a drip cake with buttercream florals

Bake something beautiful

Express yourselves and explore your creativity with your own riffs on naked cakes decorated with meringues and candy or chocolate drips and flowers or sparkly sugar and fondant—or try painting a cake. If there are kiddos around, maybe paint or decorate cookies, instead.

Host a shrimp boil for Mother's Day time together

Gather everyone around

Sometimes, all a mother wants is time to relax with their friends or family. In that case, pick something easy, like this shrimp boil or grilled pizzaor order delivery!—gather ’round the table, put the phones down, and stay until Mom says you’re excused.

DIY dog treats cut into dog shapes to make for Mother's Day time together

Don’t forget the dog

If Mom has a soft spot for shelter dogs, why not bake a batch of treats and take it to a nearby animal rescue?

Cheers to all the Mamas out there!

How will you spend Mother’s Day time together? We’d love to hear more ideas…in the comments or on Facebook, or tag us on Instagram!


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