Make a modern ombre Easter cake

Easter goodies aren’t just for kids. Hallmark Writer Jennifer F. and Photo Stylist Nicole C. worked together to come up with this sophisticated ombre Easter cake.

This showstopper cake may look difficult, but it’s surprisingly easy to create. It all starts with a standard two-layer cake, which can be made or purchased. Then layers of spring colors are smoothed into an ombre pattern using some simple tools, and our printable makes the bunny topper a breeze to make.


A completely cool layer cake

2 1/2 – 3 cups total spreadable icing, such as butter cream

Food coloring

Plastic bags

Bench scraper

Rotating cake turntable

One bag of edible Easter grass

Decorative candy eggs

A large chocolate or cut-out bunny (or use our free printable on card stock and attach it to a skewer)

1. Cover a completely cooled cake with a smooth layer of white icing.

Pro tip: Buy a plain iced layer cake directly from your bakery, and reduce the amount of icing needed to 1 1/2 cups.

2. Divide the remaining butter cream into four parts and tint three of them your preferred colors. We used teal, sea foam green, and lime green. Leave one portion white.

3. Spoon the icing into individual plastic bags. Snip one corner of each bag to create a piping bag. Pipe three-inch lengths of icing around the cake, alternating colors and adding bits of white icing at various points between.

4. Holding a plastic or metal bench scraper against the base of the turntable, slowly smooth the icing while rotating the cake. Stop and wipe excess icing from the bench spreader as you go to keep the cake tidy.

5. Cut one- or two-inch pieces of edible Easter grass with clean scissors. Place clumps of grass on top of the cake to cover.

6. Decorate with candy eggs and a decorative bunny. We’ve used a wooden cake decoration here; if you can’t find one you like, print ours on card stock and attach it to the cake with a dowel or skewer.

We love the frosting technique on this ombre Easter cake. And taking care of our centerpiece and dessert in one project! We’d love to see your Easter dessert creations on Instagram (tag us @think.make.share) or on our Facebook page.



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  1. 3.31.19 | Reply
    Renee wrote:

    Love this. What is the brand of bench scraper in this tutorial?

  2. 9.14.19 | Reply
    May wrote:

    Absolutely love this!! Gorgeously made!! Was wondering where did you get your bench scraper from? The way it’s angled looks lovely!

    • 10.3.19 | Reply
      Kelly C. wrote:

      Hi May! It was purchased at a local restaurant supply store. They should be available at any specialty kitchen store (Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table). Hope this helps!