Make your snail mail feel extra special

Designer Lindsay T. is no stranger to Think.Make.Share. And she’s certainly no stranger to the post office. Being an avid card sender since age 6, Lindsay has adopted many ways to make her mail feel special, even if it’s “just because.” Today, she is sharing with us some “moving” inspiration and a few simple tips for adding a little flair to your envelopes.

I’m always looking for ways to create. From the simple to the complex, creative explorations make me happy whether I’m doodling while I’m on hold or learning macramé from one of the greats. Only recently did I realize a blank envelope is an empty canvas awaiting my penmanship and doodle decor! And boy, oh boy have I gone wild! Here’s some video evidence to prove it:


As you can see, simple little touches can add so much!

I recently teamed up with Lynn G. (who is also a passionate envelope doodler) and she taught me some simple tricks to stop your mailperson in their tracks. You can download them here.


So, now that you’re armed with inspiration and a quick tip-sheet, get out there and show those mailboxes what you got. If you need a little help, pop on over to our Instagram and you might just win yourself a snail mail starter kit!

For more snail mail ideas, check out our collaboration with Brit+Co. Show off your own snail mail ideas by tagging us on Instagram @think.make.share.



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