Make your own embroidery and wood ornaments

2015 Update! This workshop and post inspired a DIY kit that will make creating your own wood and embroidery ornaments extra easy. Check out the Wooden Ornament kits and all of our new Handmade Hallmark line, full of sets designed to spark your crafting creativity, with everything you need in one (pretty cool) box.  

When it comes to decorating the tree, each year I always get the temptation to add new ornaments. I love to bring new colors and textures to my tree. So this year I decided to try combining wood and embroidery to feature pops of color, natural tones of bare plywood, and touches of white detailing. We cut out a few different shapes with drilled patterning for stitching and gathered a few creative friends to make some ornaments. Each one turned out uniquely different, with color combinations and patterning that we are so excited to hang on our trees. Follow our DIY steps below to make some wood and embroidery ornaments for your own tree!

Things you will need:

  • thin craft wood or plywood, which can be found at your local craft store in the wood section (you can also substitute wood with chipboard/kraftboard or thick felt, cut with scissors)
  • embroidery needle and embroidery floss (we suggest two to three colors)
  • felt or fabric and scissors for ornament backing (to hide all the embroidery knots in the back)
  • glue gun or tacky glue to attach felt backing
  • (optional) white paint markers for adding white details to your design


DIY steps:

  1. Download and print our ornament template.  Use a jigsaw to cut the shapes out of plywood, or if you don’t have access to a jigsaw, you can make your ornaments out of chipboard/kraftboard or thick felt. After you have cut your shapes, use a drill (or a small hole punch for chipboard or felt) to follow the hole placement patterns provided or make your own.
  2. You can also use our template to sketch how you will stitch between the holes. Just print out the template and draw with a pencil to connect the dots. There’s no wrong way to do it.
  3. Thread a long piece of embroidery floss through your needle and tie a chunky knot at the end. Start weaving in and out of the drilled holes to create your pattern.
  4. When you’ve finished your last stitch, remove your needle and tie a chunky knot on the back side of your ornament.
  5. Cut a piece of felt to the size of your ornament.
  6. Use a glue gun or tacky glue to attach your felt backing to your finished ornament.
  7. Thread a 3- to 4-inch piece of embroidery floss through the top hole, loop and tie a knot. Your ornaments are ready to hang!
  8. (optional step) Use a white paint marker to add white accents and details around your embroidery design.

Running out of room on your Christmas tree? Hallmark has an adorable table top tree available at your local Gold Crown store. We decided to decorate our little table top tree with our new wood ornaments.

Whether you choose to make your embroidered ornaments from scratch or with our handy kits, we always love to see your creations! Tag us in your Instagram photos @think.make.share.

All photos by Hallmark photographer Lindsey Mehlhorn. 


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  1. 12.22.15 | Reply
    Tyan wrote:

    Is there a reason the snowflake shape isn’t included in the template?

    • 1.4.16 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Hi Tyan, We left the template blank for you to create your own designs!

  2. 8.18.17 | Reply
    Erika Lowerr wrote:

    Hi – What size drill bit did you use?