Macramé-a-palooza: Hallmark takes macramé on the road

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with macramé around here. Hallmark Photo Stylist Andy N. has showed us how his love of macramé began, that macramé is forever and of course how to do the basics. But we thought it’d be fun to take this classic craft out into the world, so we co-hosted a beginner macramé class with Golden & Pine, a delightful new home décor shop in Kansas City. Read on for a full report from Andy, and be sure to watch the video below of the evening’s festivities.

Macramé materials for Hallmark's macramé class.

Hallmark and macramé are on the road, baby! Let the world tour begin! No, not world tour but WORLD DOMINATION, one square knot at a time!

Front door of Golden and Pine.

Recently, I went on the road with a group of Hallmarkers to conduct a macramé class in an amazing retail shop, Golden & Pine. I guess it wasn’t really world domination because this wonderful shop is only about five miles away from Hallmark’s corporate headquarters. But it is a start.

The stage is set for Hallmark's macramé class.

Before I get any more carried away let me tell you a little more about Golden & Pine, a store dedicated to artisan creations for garden and home. Hallmark’s cooler-than-I-will-ever-be Trends Studio is always looking for what’s hip and happenin’ in the world. How great is it when that new creative hot spot is in our own backyard?!

Several creative folk from Hallmark found Golden & Pine when their doors first opened this year, kind of like pigs sniff out truffles or how I can find the last piece of chocolate in a year-old jar of Halloween candy.

Stephanie Agne is Golden & Pine’s owner and visionary. She had the foresight to open in a somewhat neglected part of our city that is now coming to life with retail, restaurants, juice bars and coffee shops. For our macramé workshop, Stephanie partnered with Unbakery, located conveniently across the street, to provide libations, healthy and delicious salads and a variety of energy balls to keep everyone going. I love how the store owners in the neighborhood band together to work as a community and so eagerly promote and support each other for the greater good.

Food and drink provided at Golden and Pine.

So now the stage is set: a beautiful, hip shop with an equally lovely and gracious owner, great food and drink, the setting sun streaming through the windows, and Indie music playing over a built-in sound system. Then as if on cue, 10 eager macramé class participants walk in through the front door.

Andy teaches knots at his macramé class.

macramé class particpants at work.

The next three hours flew by. I had to encourage everyone to stand up and stretch, even to go to the bathroom every now and then. It was if they were in a macramé trance, under a macramé voodoo spell. No one moved. They just kept knotting, creating an array of macramé designs and patterns.

Afterwards, when the sun had set and the last of the participants had said goodbye—with macramé samplers dangling from their arms—I sat down and ate the last of the protein-energy balls (someone had to do it). The store lights were dimmed, and the front door was locked. And that, my friends, was a wrap on a really special evening.

macramé class participants at work.

I have loved hosting these past few macramé classes for Hallmark and the Kansas City community. To see an adult lose all sense of time and become totally absorbed in the creative process, and to see a new passion develop right before my eyes, are rare and wonderful things.

Front door of Kansas City store Golden and Pine.

Who knows when this show might go on the road again?! We might even visit a town near you. I’m just saying…

For more ideas and inspiration, check out where my love for macramé began, our mini macramé plant hangers and my macramé video tutorial.

And don’t forget to show us your own macramé plant hangers, wall hangings, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, curtains—whatever you have created with knots, beads, ropes and cords! Tag us on Instagram, @think.make.share!

Photographer: Jane Kortright  |  Producer: Jennifer Dreiling

Videographers: Jane Kortright and Molly Nemer |  Producer: Jennifer Dreiling  |  Video Editor: Molly Nemer  |  Music: Chris Johnson



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  1. 10.31.16 | Reply
    Kathy Southcomb wrote:

    Any macrame workshops scheduled in 2017?
    Regards, Kathy

    • 11.1.16 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Nothing planned as of yet, Kathy. You’ll find out here when we do!

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    Danielle wrote:

    I’d love to attend your next macremé class as well!!

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    Kaley wrote:

    Hi Andy!
    I love this incredibly thoughtful description (and gorgeous photos) of the workshop!
    I’d love to get in touch with you to collaborate in our gallery space!

    Please contact me!