Live lettering at the Re:Make Festival


Here at Think.Make.Share. we live and breathe making. So when we heard we could host a station at the Brit + Co. Re:Make Festival in San Francisco, we were beyond excited. We decided to share a few DIY versions of what we get to create every day with festival-goers who might be curious about how Hallmarkers make stuff. Keep reading for all the colorful details…and a few printables, too!


We thought it would be fun to feature one of our favorite things about working at Hallmark: getting to hang out with super talented hand-lettering artists, who make our products’ words come to life. Each of our DIY activities included original hand-lettering with options for hand-stitching, tissue-paper collage, and watercolor. And who better to demonstrate watercolor techniques than our very own lettering artist Amber Goodvin? Amber’s unmistakeable style is featured on a brand new Studio Ink collection and was live this past weekend at Re:Make!


As new friends gathered around to try out their own Studio-Ink-style lettering and chat with Amber, Brit + Co. founder Brit Morin stopped by to see the Re:Makers’ work hanging out on the drying rack. We loved looking at all the different color combinations, brush strokes, and personal touches festival attendees put into their DIY Hallmark projects.


All the Re:Makers loved getting to take home their artwork along with an awesome Studio Ink postcard—by Amber, of course—to send to a friend. We maybe pocketed a few of those ourselves…


For those of you who couldn’t make it to Re:Make 2014, don’t be too sad: We asked Amber to share her DIY watercolor project (with tips!) and one of her finished posters right here on Think.Make.Share! Just click on the images below to download and print. And remember to share your own watercolor lettering with us. Tag us on Instagram; we’re @think.make.share . WATERCOLOR_TIPS



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  1. 9.17.14 | Reply
    Cindy Ross wrote:

    Just Beautiful!

  2. 1.26.15 | Reply

    great tips!

  3. 2.5.15 | Reply
    Donna wrote:

    Love your site!! a beginner with lettering and having a hard time with what type brush 2 use. any tips? thanks…

  4. 8.29.18 | Reply
    Naseeba wrote:

    Just came to know from Pinterest.i would like to know more about this blog.

    • 8.29.18 | Reply
      Kelly C. wrote:

      Hi Naseeba! We are a blog from the creative studios at Hallmark Cards. Hopefully you will get inspired to create something from our page!