Lindsay gets a taste of Nashville…and loves it


It had been too long since I’d been able to get together with my two oldest friends. (By oldest, I mean I met these girls on the playground in 1st grade!) What better way to reunite than a #girlsweekend visiting Sam in Nashville. And, goodness! Everyone told me I’d fall for The Music City, but no one prepared me for the full-on love affair I would have with this southern town.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it: The music was stellar. All up and down Broadway, you could hear the honky tonks blaring their sweet country twang. Everywhere we went,on street corners and in coffee shops, we were met with performances and the sounds of live music. Here is where I learned the most important Nashville rule of all: Tip the band. It’s not a courtesy in this city, it’s a way of life. Also, “Holler ‘n swaller!” sounds naughty, but it’s Tennessee’s way of saying “Cheers!”


My one request when visiting The Music City was to go to Hatch Show Print. An opportunity to see the famous letterpress studio that’s been around for 135 years? Yes please! The second we found the shop, I was like a kid in a candy store. It oozes with design nerdery—drawers full of incredible metal type and walls hung high with historical prints. I left with a full heart and an empty wallet.

This town was full of boutiques nestled in little unique neighborhoods. Around each corner was another neighborhood, each with their own great shops, adorable houses, and a corner coffeeshop that was to die for. Downtown, you walk the streets and find yourself in a honky tonk, which is next to a soda pop shop, which is next to three stories of cowboy boots, and next to that is a vintage dress boutique. The diversity is wild and exciting…and all that walking had our Fit Bits smiling.


But when someone asks me about my weekend in Nashville, the first thing that comes to mind is, “It’s a foodie’s dream.” Even though we gorged ourselves all weekend on Fido‘s sweet potato French toast, Loveless Cafe‘s pit-cooked BBQ, Crema‘s lattes, and Edley’s potato salad, I know we were only scraping the surface. Each of these restaurants had a story of their own and an environment that dripped with history and local adoration. When looking up “best places to eat in Nashville” the list was 20+ locations long. I can now attest to why. I’m still dreaming of some of those delicious bites. The Pharmacy served me the greatest burger of my life (I was too busy chowin’ to snap a pic), and Husk elevated my brunch game tenfold. So delicious! It might have been my childhood friends that first brought me to Nashville, but it will be the food that brings me back.

All photographs by Lindsay Tippett. Lettering by Lindsay Hamilton.

What new cities have you been to lately?



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  1. 11.15.14 | Reply
    Billy wrote:

    great pics and snappy text! ready for some road trippage…

  2. 11.15.14 | Reply
    Mary Ann Tippett wrote:

    Makes me want to visit Nashville !!!

  3. 11.15.14 | Reply
    Samantha Gustafson wrote:

    This is so great, Lindsay! We had an incredible weekend- now come back so we can go back to Husk!

  4. 11.15.14 | Reply
    Kristy wrote:

    So many cool and unique things to do in Nashville !!! Thanks for sharing ing 🙂

  5. 11.16.14 | Reply
    Marty wrote:

    The food!!! I haven’t been to Nashville in years, looks like it’s time to go back!

  6. 11.17.14 | Reply
    Michelle wrote:

    Nothing like a weekend with old friends…I bet your stomach is sore from all the laughing! Amazing photos 🙂

  7. 11.21.14 | Reply
    Kim wrote:

    Nice job Lindsay! Makes me want to visit Nashville! Where you going next?

  8. 12.1.14 | Reply
    Jim wrote:

    Makes me want to visit.