Learn to make tiny gift boxes out of last year’s greeting cards

Greeting-Card-Gift-Boxes-_-thinkmakeshareblogWhether we’ve graduated, started a new job, or just simply had a birthday, chances are that by December, we all have a pile of cards hanging around. As the holiday season approaches, lettering artist Livy Long usually finds herself revisiting all of the cards she’s received to reminisce on the past 12 months. For many years now, she’s repurposed these cards and their attached messages by turning them into small gift boxes to share with friends and family, and today she’s giving us the step by step of how to do it.

I actually learned how to make these boxes way back in the sixth grade and have been cutting and folding up my greeting cards ever since. (Shout out to my awesome Pre-Algebra teacher for showing my class how to do this!) At that time, who knew I’d end up designing those cards for a living?

Although tiny, the boxes pack a lot of punch. Bonuses? They’re recycled. They’re handmade. They’re filled with love and sentiment. And more times than not…they’re totally adorable.

I invited a few friends to join the box-making bandwagon during a lunch break, and we had a fun time making something new out of the already cool design elements the cards had to offer. We used inside patterns, front-cover artwork, and even ripped off some ribbons that had been attached to the cards we started with. In under an hour, our small group had created a cute collection of under-the-tree-worthy gift boxes—perfect for jewelry, cash gifts, and all the other small presents your heart desires.

Greeting-Card-Gift-Box-Process-_-thinkmakeshareblogGreeting-Card-Gift-Boxes-final-_-thinkmakeshareblogEach box only takes one card and less than fifteen minutes to make. Download and print our free template and get folding!



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  1. 12.7.14 | Reply

    It is always nice to learn how to make these cute things to decorate our gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 5.19.16 | Reply
    Loretta Cousins wrote:

    I have a very special card sent to me many years ago by my now deceased husband. I would like to know the date of this card. 25B 750-3. Any help you can give would be deeply appreciated.

  3. 6.6.16 | Reply
    lois wrote:

    Reading this while sitting in a recliner. Anxious to try it. Sounds like it will be easy and fun to do. Thanks!

  4. 10.11.16 | Reply
    Shirley wrote:

    I love these little boxes and have made them for years. I do not know where I got the pattern.. I make three different sizes, cutting a (5″ square for top of larger box and a 1/4″ smaller square (4 3/4″) for the bottom of same box), 4″ sqare for top and 3 3/4″ square for bottom of middle box and 3″ square for smaller box top (2 3/4″) square for the bottom. I stack these three boxes and tie them together with a Christmas ribbon and hang them on my tree, or just set them on a tree branch. Sometimes I just use a single box and glue a square in the bottom to cover up the flaps and put a small gift in it, like jewelry or, a sewing notion, like a thimble etc. Thank you for sharing. I hope others see your keepsake boxes and this wonderful use of their cards, wether it be for Christmas, birthday, thinking of you or anniversary wishes. I always hated to throw away my special cards including Christmas cards with the beautiful sentiments written in them from special family members and friends. I also use different occasion cards, that I receive, for gift tags.

    • 10.12.16 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Thanks for sharing, Shirley! Love to hear that others find joy in this keepsake tradition as well.

  5. 1.18.17 | Reply
    Dymphna Agos wrote:

    Great idea have more?

  6. 1.19.17 | Reply
    Christine wrote:

    When I was a child we made gift tags out of the previous years Christmas cards.

  7. 3.3.18 | Reply
    Nancyvargas wrote:

    Your ideas are fanastic

  8. 7.30.18 | Reply
    Lavada dockens wrote:

    I did this years ago for all the children at our church. Filled them up with candy and they loved them. I tied tulle bows and fluffed them up, the workers asked where theirs were. Came home and made about 10 more for the workers. Tks for sharing

  9. 9.3.18 | Reply
    maia wrote:

    I learned to make these years ago, but did not ever need a ruler or pencil. Only a pair of scissors and the greeting card. It was much faster and simpler. I taught my elderly mom how to make them, and we had so much fun. She could not believe that all we did was fold and cut, and we had a pile of cute little boxes.

  10. 1.19.20 | Reply
    Jane wrote:

    Brilliant idea will try this out.