Fun and easy kids holiday gift wrap ideas

There’s a lot going on under that Christmas tree. Want to make a present for a kid stand out? Add a face that says “Pick me! Pick me!” It’s easy to turn any wrapped gift into a penguin, reindeer, or polar bear with our free downloads, some basic craft supplies, and these kids holiday gift wrap ideas.

Kids Holiday Gift wrap Ideas: Presents wrapped as penguin, reindeer, and polar bear


  • Boxed gift
  • Solid color gift wrap (or wrap with simple patterns)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Free downloadable templates
  • Copier paper to match or complement the gift wrap
  • Markers, colored pencils, or crayons
  • Additional craft supplies as desired: yarn, glitter, pom-poms, whatever.

Kids Holiday gift wrap Ideas: Supplies for Reindeer wrap

How to wrap a reindeer

  1. Download the template and print it out. Use colored paper or print on white if you’d like to color and add your own details.
  2. If needed, color it in. (We layered polka dot gift wrap on top of our ears and muzzle, and gold reversible gift wrap on the antlers.)
  3. Wrap the gift. We chose to use the kraft back of the same gold reversible gift wrap for a natural look.
  4. Cut out the reindeer ears, antlers, and muzzle.
  5. Decide where to place the antlers and ears for maximum cuteness. Fold along the dotted lines and tape onto your gift.
  6. Use a marker to draw on your eyes, nose and mouth. Add pom poms, stripes, glitter, or design details as desired. (We used a black Sharpie marker and small multi-colored pom poms for extra fun!)

Kids Holiday gift wrap Ideas: Reindeer gift wrap

Kids Holiday gift wrap Ideas: Supplies for Penguin wrap

How to dress up a penguin

  1. Download the template and print it on copier paper.
  2. Color your attachments as needed.
  3. Wrap the gift. We love how playful our polka dot wrapping paper feels for this little guy!
  4. Cut out the wings, feet, belly and stocking cap.
  5. Let the box tell you where the wings, feet, and hat should go.
  6. Draw the eyes and beak on your penguin—or use googly eyes for added fun.
  7. If desired, add a pom-pom to the hat and a thick piece of yarn for a scarf. Have fun with it!

Kids Holiday gift wrap Ideas: Penguin wrap

Kids Holiday gift wrap Ideas: Supplies for Polar Bear wrap

How to make a polar bear

  1. Download the template and print it on copier paper.
  2. Turn it over to a young one’s imagination for the coloring. They know best what a polar bear should look like, you know.
  3. Wrap the gift. (Blue and turquoise are fun options for a polar bear!)
  4. Cut out the ears and feet.
  5. Tape the ears and feet to the box. We layered a polka dot wrapping paper that we had on-hand for his ears, and taped his feet at a 45 degree angle for a playful stance.
  6. Draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth with a marker.

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Photography: Hallmark Photographer Lindsey M. | Styling: Hallmark Stylist Bethany H.

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    How to make little boxed out of Christmas cards with NO tape.

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