Cute kids gift wrap ideas: Turn presents into animals with free downloads

Kids aren’t particularly likely to believe us when we tell them it’s better to give than receive. But we can show them how much fun it is to give presents—and one way is to get creative with gift wrap. Here are three cute kids gift wrap ideas with free downloadable templates to turn any wrapped box into a dinosaur, dog, or unicorn.

Three kids gift wrap ideas: a green dinosaur, gray dog, and pink unicorn made with free downloadable templates.


  • Boxed gift
  • Solid color gift wrap (or wrap with a simple pattern)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Free downloadable templates
  • Copier paper to match or complement the gift wrap
  • Markers, colored pencils, or crayons
  • Additional craft supplies as desired: googly eyes, glitter, pom-poms, whatever.
  • Spiral tissue paper (unicorn only)

Kids gift wrap idea: dinosaur head, feet, tail, and spine printed on green copier paper, green/blue reversible gift wrap, tape, scissors, pen, and complete wrapped gift.

How to wrap a dinosaur

  1. Download the template and print it out. Use colored paper or print on white if you’d like to color and add your own details.
  2. If needed, color it in yourself—or give it to your kiddo to decorate!
  3. Wrap the gift.
  4. Cut out the dinosaur parts.
  5. Decide where to place the head and tail for maximum adorable-ness: Is it a long, skinny dinosaur? Or a stubby one? Fold along the dotted lines and tape the head and tail on opposite ends of the gift.
  6. Tape the spine to the top, and attach the feet near the bottom of the box. (Put them high enough that they don’t bend when you put the box down.)
  7. Add scales, stripes, or design details as desired. (We used a black Sharpie marker.)

Kids gift wrap idea: present wrapped in green paper with attachments to make it look like a dinosaur.

Kids gift wrap idea: dog ears and bowtie printed on white copier paper, tape, scissors, blue and gray markers, and complete wrapped gift.

How to dress up a dog

  1. Download the template and print it on copier paper.
  2. Ask your kiddo to draw markings on the ears and make the bowtie fabulous.
  3. Wrap the gift, making sure you fold the flaps to make the nose and muzzle. (It can be pointy or square.)
  4. Cut out the ears and bowtie.
  5. Let the box tell you where the ears should go. Does this dog have a tall head or a long nose? Once you’ve got the ears taped down, add the bowtie. Or is it a bow? Your call.
  6. Draw a face on the dog with markers—or use a pom-pom for the nose and giant googly eyes. You can’t go wrong here.

Kids gift wrap idea: gray box with paper ears and bowtie attachments to turn it into a dog.

Kids gift wrap idea: unicorn ears, horn and flowers printed on white copier paper, tape, scissors, pink, purple, and gold markers, pink and purple spiral tissue, and complete wrapped gift.

How to make a fancy unicorn

  1. Download the template and print it on copier paper.
  2. Turn it over to a young one’s imagination for the coloring. They know best what a unicorn should look like.
  3. Wrap the gift.
  4. Cut out the horn-slash-ears, and flowers.
  5. Tape the ears-slash-horn close to the front of box to leave room for the luxurious, flowing, tissue-paper mane. Stick the spiral tissue paper curls right behind the ears and fluff them up. If you don’t have spiral tissue paper, you can improvise a mane with your own paper or curling ribbon.
  6. Draw on the lids and lashes. (We used a metallic gold paint pen.)
  7. Consult your child about flower placement. If you want a little extra fancy, use mounting tape to attach the flowers.

Kids gift wrap idea: Pink box decorated with attachments to look like a unicorn.


Knowing dinosaurs, dogs, and unicorns come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, we’d love to see what you did with our kids gift wrap ideas. Share your pictures on Instagram or Facebook, pretty please!

Photography and styling by Erin Martinez.


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