Make someone’s day with a “just because” card

Today’s post comes from Hallmark designer and avid card-sender, Lindsay Tippett. Lindsay delved into her own card-sending habits…and those of her fellow designers. 

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I’ve always been a card-sender. But ever since I started working at Hallmark, it feels likes the bar has been raised, and I must rise to every occasion. Most of the time, the cards I send are celebratory: new engagement, new home, or new baby. There’s no shortage of reasons to send a “Hooray!” these days.

But my favorite kind of card to send is a “thinking of you.” My entire family and many of my close friends live out of state. Sure, I can send a text or email, but I really love the idea of my brother reaching into his mailbox expecting bills and junk flyers…and instead finding a little pink envelope from his sister.

That’s why I do it: I send cards imagining that mailbox moment when a smile flashes across the face of somebody I love. But this got me thinking, why else do people send cards? To stay in touch? To express gratitude or sympathy? To keep the tradition alive?

I went to find out right here in the halls of Hallmark. I found stories filled with love, laughs and doodles. Check out their stories, and their favorite just because cards, below.

Send a card just because! |

“Each year, there isn’t a single address in the Rolodex that my dad doesn’t send a Christmas card to. My little niece regularly sends ‘thinking of you’ cards to her parents and brothers who live just down the hall from her. I seem to have inherited my family’s knack for card-sending. I’ll find any reason to surprise friends and family with a piece of mail—for birthdays, for love or just for smiles. Often, my niece will get cards with notes ‘from’ my dog Lulu. (I dread the day she is old enough to realize Lulu doesn’t have thumbs and that her aunt might be crazy.) For many lucky loved ones, most of the cards I send have an inappropriate joke, cute animal or is all about farts…sometimes, all three. No matter the content, I love that sending a card is the smallest, but best, way to let someone know I’m thinking of them.”

– Julie Vinh, designer (featuring a card from our Signature collection)

Send a card just because! |

“As a kid there was always a card or a letter being delivered to our house. My mom is one of seven siblings and the only one to immigrate to the United States from Ireland. Her main way to communicate was by mail. I loved when she got a letter or a card. To me they were little works of art: the handwriting, the stamps, the paper. And when she read the letter, you could hear the voice of the person who wrote it.

“I soon started writing letters, too, and found myself a pen pal in Norway. We are still in touch 30+ years later. I have three daughters; they, too, are inspired by mailing letters and cards. I introduced my oldest daughter, Gabriella, who is 9, to my good friend’s daughter in Australia as a pen pal. They have been writing for over a year now. When we shop, my kids always have to visit ‘the birthday section’ to pick up a card or some stationery. We have a grandma in New York City, a Grandma in Brazil, and family all over the world, so we are always writing or sending cards.

“Thank you cards are also BIG in our house. For us it’s time well-spent, thinking about and thanking the people in our lives, and my girls love it. They’re at an age where it’s so much better to receive then give, but that’s ok. For now, we make it as fun and artful as we can.”

– Marcella Ribeiro, designer (featuring cards from our stationery collection)

Send a card just because! |

“I love the ability of cards to truly reflect your knowledge of someone. Stupid jokes, well-timed compliments, and sometimes even saying ‘I’m sorry’ are mandatory sentiments for me. When you find the right card—that you know will bring out smiles, tears or high-fives to emotionally align you with someone—it’s an incredible feeling.” 

– Spencer Branham, designer (featuring a card from our Shoebox collection)

Send a card just because! | thinkmakeshareblog

“To be honest, the main reason I send cards is so that I get them in return. Being a designer and having creative friends, these cards become little pieces of art that you send each other. I spend a lot of time addressing the envelope and making sure I’ve covered every available space with a bad joke.

“I make and send cards a lot. My best friend lives three buildings down from me, and I sent her five Valentine’s Day cards! (#Single.) My mom’s birthday was at the end of this month, and I sent her 12 (!!) birthday cards throughout February. I really wanted her to feel the love that whole month. My college roommate moved to Seattle after graduation, and every now and then I send her something just to say ‘Hi! I’m thinking about you, YOU ARE PRETTY.’ The great thing is, I send her cards more than I text her. Luckily, my cards are text messages she can keep forever.”

– Lori Novak, designer (featuring a card from our StudioInk collection)

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  1. 3.4.15 | Reply
    Katzi wrote:

    I love this! I love sending cards to my friends and family – no matter how close or far away they are and for no reason in particular. I have also met so many wonderful people doing snail mail swaps and pen pal exchanges through Instagram! I have also seen so many beautiful ways to communicate: a small piece of art tucked away in a card, an Instax hidden between some sheets of paper, decorative stamps, decorative tapes, and of course, beautiful handwriting!
    I use card-sending and swaps as an opportunity to step outside of my creativity box and experiment with techniques I never would try otherwise and I love the reactions! When I send my brother cards for Valentines or just because, I love getting that Twitter notification to let me know he has posted a photo of himself with it and it always makes me so happy because I know I brightened his day just a little bit with a thoughtful gesture. When I get a FaceTime call from my nieces showing me the goodies I’ve sent them always brings a smile to my face! When I get a text of my best friend holding the card I’ve sent him, it makes me so happy to know he enjoyed that particular trip to the mailbox! Haha! Seeing the items I’ve sent to my pen pals posted on Instagram always makes me so happy and eager to send the next package!
    There are endless reasons to send more letters and cards! I wish more people did it!

    • 3.5.15 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      These are such great ideas, Katzi! If you don’t mind sharing your contact info, we would love to send you a few cards for future swaps and exchanges. Please email us at

  2. 3.4.15 | Reply
    marcella wrote:

    Great post Lindsay, it will inspire some card sending for sure!

  3. 3.4.15 | Reply
    Margaret Schemmel wrote:

    Love it! I love any reason to find the perfect card!

  4. 3.4.15 | Reply
    Jess wrote:

    This post prompted me to reflect on my own love of sending cards and why I do so. When our family was all over the world and when international calls were ridiculously expensive, greeting cards were our mode of communication. The thought of receiving something and having it in your hands, knowing that just days ago, it was in your loved one’s presence, was a connection that I held very close to my heart. I remember my grandma spending hours at CVS or WalMart, walking up and down the Hallmark aisle, finding the perfect sentiment to send to us on our birthdays and graduations. She would read every, single card and find just that perfect one for us. A woman of not-so many words, seeing her handwriting in those cards evokes such a feeling to all of us, even years after her passing.
    To this day, I find any reason to send a card or leave a card to an unsuspecting recipient. It’s been a great way to feel connected to those who are miles away; a personal connection that can’t be expressed via iMessages or e-mails. Thank you, Lindsay and the rest of the contributors to being those ambassadors of letter/card-writing. It is a craft that is timeless and provokes #allthefeels.

    • 3.5.15 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Love this, Jess! If you don’t mind sharing your contact info, we would love to send you a few cards to send to family and friends. Please email us at

  5. 3.5.15 | Reply
    Think.Make.Share wrote:

    How wonderful to hear from fellow card-senders! It reinforces why we show up each day and create beautiful products for loved ones to share with one another. Thank you for sharing your personal stories with us.

  6. 3.6.15 | Reply
    Nan Sinchai wrote:

    I completely agree with this! I absolutely love the feeling of seeing something in my mailbox that is not junk mail! I wish people send out more cards and write more letters. I’m probably the only one in my family and friends that still send out cards for no particular occasion, just because I was thinking of them! Hopefully, it brightened up their days as much as it did to me when I was writing it!