DIY July 4th Photo Props for parades and picnics

The Fourth of July is the biggest party of the summer—and an excuse to deck everything out in red, white, and blue. Today’s project by Hallmark artist Kelly C. checks a few boxes: 1. Entertain the kids (or adults that are game!) for a half-hour or so, 2. Give them something to carry and wave in Independence Day parades, and 3. Create some adorable and social-media-worthy July 4th photo props that double nicely as decor.

DIY July 4th Photo Props |


You can go as simple or fancy as attention spans and your craft stash allow.


Supplies for DIY July 4th Photo Props |

Start by printing the downloads out on heavy card stock. (If you don’t have card stock, you can print on text-weight paper and glue the designs to cardboard.)

DIY July 4th Photo Props |

To make decorating easier—and to encourage enthusiastic creativity—color in the designs before you cut them out. Ideas to try:

  • Make patterns with markers or paint.
  • Use washi tape to create stripes.
  • Add accents with glue and glitter.

Making DIY July 4th Photo Props |

Cut out the designs long the solid lines, and poke holes on each X. Connect all the pieces with brads for ultimate flexibility. (Feel free to use glue if you want your prop parts to stay put.)

Attaching a dowel to the back of DIY July 4 Photo Props |

Tape dowels to the back, and you’re all set to celebrate! (You can tie or tape ribbons on the dowels, too.)

DIY July 4 Photo Props |

DIY July 4 Photo Props |

Your props are now parade-worthy and photo-booth ready!

DIY July 4 Photo Props |

We are all about making things for July 4th. We’ve got ideas for patriotic ribbon garlands, ice cream cone wraps, printable toppers and MORE printable toppers. Plus all-American, picnic-friendly mini-pies and pie-pops. And for extra fun, we can teach you how to write with sparklers.

Oh, pretty please—share your Fourth of July creations with us on Facebook or @think.make.share on Instagram!

Photography, styling and illustrations by Hallmark artist Kelly C.



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