July 4th cupcakes: free printable toppers

Decorate your July 4th cupcakes with our free printable toppers—because what better way to celebrate our nation’s birthday than with super patriotic treats? And do not limit yourselves to cupcakes: Feel free to bedeck your cake, fruit skewers, sandwiches, pickles, cheese cubes, or anything else you want. This, after all, is Independence Day.

4th of July Toppers (shown in cupcakes and as cake toppers)

Bonus: You can get an all-American color palette without blue or red frosting that turns your tongue a weird color for the rest of the day.

July 4th Cupcake topper supplies: skewers, toothpicks, tape, scissors, free printables

What you’ll need for July 4th cupcakes

  • Decorated cupcakes OR frosted cake (we’re big fans of ordering pre-frosted cakes from the bakery or supermarket) OR fruit (easily skewer-able, like berries and watermelon) and marshmallows
  • Wooden toothpicks and/or skewers
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Tape
  • Free printable toppers

How to make patriotic treats

Prep the goodies: Decorate the cupcakes (or, you know, just take them out of the box). Frost the cake. Clean and cut the fruit, and open the bag of marshmallows.

Cutting out fireworks topper design.

Make the toppers: Download and print the designs in color on white card stock. Cut them out with scissors or a craft knife.

Taping toothpick to back of patriotic topper

July 4th cupcake topper: ready to go.

Tape a toothpick or skewer to the back.

Inserting fireworks topper in frosted cupcake.

4th of July cupcake decorated with flag and fireworks toppers.

Put the topper on the snack or the snack on the skewer. (It’s a festive holiday, so more is better.) Done!

Decorated Fourth of July topics.

Cake decorated with July 4th toppers (free printable).

Pro-tip: To decorate a cake, change the scale and print the downloadable designs in different sizes.

Fruit and marshmallow kabobs with patriotic toppers.

Pro-tip: Cut 1/2″ thick slices of watermelon, then cut out star shapes with cookie cutters.

July 4th cupcakes, cake, and fruit skewers decorated with free printable toppers.

If your Fourth of July needs more star-spangling, you can write with sparklers, print party decorations, make mini-pies and pie-pops, and fancy-up ice cream cones. Visit our sister site, Hallmark.com, for even more Instagram-worthy ideas. (And when you post pics, tag us @think.make.share.)

Artwork: Hallmark artist Kelly C. | Photos and styling: Erin Martinez

Want to get the look?

Patriotic servingware.Life, Liberty and Seconds Large Ceramic Patriotic Serving Bowl  |  Celebrate Patriotic Large Melamine Plate  |  Freedom Ring Patriotic Small Melamine Plate

Happy Fourth!




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