Memorial Day quotes that honor our fallen

We brought together some of our lettering artists and illustrators to create Memorial Day quotes appropriate for the day. Feel free to share, pin and pass it on to celebrate those who have given their lives for our country. 

Memorial Day quotes - life, liberty, and everyday heroes.

Memorial Day stars and stripes artwork

Memorial Day quotes - bold stripes, bright stars, brave hearts.

Memorial Day quote from Hallmark artist - It takes the best in each one of us to make the best world for all of us |

Memorial Day shareable - American flag made out of envelopes |

Memorial Day quote - Freedom because of bravery, because of selflessness, because of you |

Memorial Day shareable - American Eagle card in flag envelope |

Memorial Day quote - Remembering heroes that live on everyday in our freedoms |

Artwork by Allie Fields, Jeanne Rittmueller, and Barb Mizik. Writing by Diana Manning.

Looking for more ways to honor our fallen for Memorial Day? Making paper poppies provides a great opportunity to explain why we honor this day to your kiddos.


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  1. 5.29.16 | Reply

    I love these!!! Thank you for sharing them and for crediting the artists.

  2. 5.29.16 | Reply
    Irene Simler wrote:

    Very nice Artwork to remember all who have served our country and fought for independence & Liberty. Thanks

  3. 5.29.16 | Reply
    Teresa Plush wrote:

    Happy Birthday Bestest!!! Hope you’re having the bestest birthday ever!

  4. 5.29.16 | Reply
    Joan Gombar wrote:

    I am thinking of you Bernie today, Memorial Day. I miss you and love you so much. God is taking so good care of you. I will be with you one day. I love you, Joan

  5. 5.29.16 | Reply
    Joan Gombar wrote:

    I am thinking of you, Bernie on Memorial Day. One day we will before. I miss you. I love you, Joan.

  6. 5.30.16 | Reply

    I really like the sayings on both and the art work. This is well done and inspirational. We should always remember those who sacrificed for us and who made our country great.

  7. 6.18.16 | Reply
    Betty p nash wrote:

    thank you for sharing this I’ll be making this sometimes on special holidays we have one coming up July 4th