Ice Cream Sandwich Toppings: Sweet, pretty treats

Ice cream sandwich toppings make the perfect treat even sweeter—and these additions will make your favorite ice cream and cookie combo almost too pretty to eat.

It’s super easy, too—whether you’re serving a crowd or indulging with a friend. For a party, fill a little freezer with ice cream sandwiches and a few bowls with different toppings and let the guests do the sticky work. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Best Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich Toppings

Gather your ice cream sandwich toppings

  • Sprinkles: The more fabulous, the better—jimmies and dragées and sprinkles, oh my. You can find some here and here.
  • Edible flowers
  • Nuts: Almond slices and slivers are lovely.
  • Cereal: The kind with marshmallows. Or maybe JUST the marshmallows.
  • Crushed candy
  • Crumbled cookies
  • Coconut

Ice cream sandwiches and toppings

Next, grab some yummy sandwiches

  • French macaron with ice cream or sorbet: Ours were made by Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott.
  • Your favorite cookies with your favorite ice cream: Our friends at Brit + Co. have so many ideas.
  • The regular grocery store kind: Unleash their true potential.

Grabbing macaron ice cream sandwiches to roll them in edible toppings and sprinkles

And now the fun part!

Put a few spoonfuls of your topping (or toppings—this is no time for restraint) on a plate or saucer.

Coating in ice cream sandwich toppings

Start by holding your sandwich by the cookies (if you’re using fragile macarons, keep your fingers on the edges).

Adding almonds as ice cream sandwich toppings
Rolling ice cream sandwich in fancy sprinkles

Then roll the edges in the toppings.

Ice cream sandwiches decorated with edible flowers, fancy sprinkles, cereal with marshmallows, and almond slices
Decorated treats from an ice cream sandwich topping bar

Optional step 4: Don’t forget to Instagram it. Tag @think.make.share.

Ice cream sandwiches decorated four ways
Sharing decorated ice cream sandwiches

Pro-tip: Have some wet-naps or damp towels ready, because the decorating and the eating will be as sticky as they are delicious.

Ready to try it? What’s your favorite cookie-ice cream-topping combo? Show us your ice cream sandwiches! Play along on Facebook or Instagram.

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Photography and styling: Erin Martinez




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