Hallmarker Confession: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

Tina won’t tell you this, but she’s kind of a rock star around here. Super funny, really smart, a Studio Ink collection coming out soon, an uncanny resemblance to Hillary Swank—Tina’s got it all. Today she’s making a risky confession, being that she writes for Hallmark and everything.

My husband Paul and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I work for Hallmark. Yes, security might be headed to my office right now. (BRB, need to forward some crucial cat videos to my home email.)

Don’t get me wrong: I like Valentine’s Day and I enjoy writing for it. After all, I am the one who brought you these classic Heart Day sentiments: “I love you like a bear loves people sandwiches” and “This Valentine is stuffed with love…And fairy farts.

 (You’re welcome.)

As a professional Valentine writer, maybe I should practice what I preach, do it up big, etc. But as a professional relationship-haver, I just don’t feel the need. We’ve been together 18 years. We’ve officially kicked Valentine’s ass.

In the early years, sure, you need to prove to your significant other that you love them more than anything in the universe, or at least a stuffed animal’s worth. But as time goes on—you move in, make a permanent commitment to each other, maybe even have a plant or child together—you might not feel the need to proclaim your undying devotion every Feb. 14th at whatever o’clock.

Now without getting all mushy, I have to say, Paul is wild about me. I can just tell. He knows to avoid eye contact before 7 a.m. He barely rolls his eyes when I sing my “we are best friennnds” song to our puppy. He makes me waffles, always asks about my day and never leaves the house without a goodbye kiss. To me, that’s Valentine’s Day. In sweet little everyday bits.

(Here’s where I would list all of the things I do for him, but you don’t have that kind of time.)

I swear, I’m a romantic at heart, and I love all the things the holiday stands for. I also really like how writing lovey-dovey cards allows me to, you know, eat food. So please buy one of every Valentine’s thing that Hallmark offers. Don’t forget your relatives! And your petsitter! And your boss! Wait, forget your boss. But don’t forget the kinda weird, not very Valentine’s Day cards I mentioned above. And a few others pictured here that can be found at your local Hallmark Gold Crown store.

CARDS-FOR-A-LOW-KEY-VALENTINES-DAY-_-thinkmakeshareblogSo if, by chance, Valentine’s Day just isn’t a big deal for you and your sweetie, remember: that’s totally fine! My husband and I will be right there with you. Likely staying in and ordering pizza while he lets me pick which movie to watch. Man, that guy is the luckiest.

What are you planning to do on february 14?



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