Pop quiz! What’s our favorite sugar-sprinkled, treat-filled, craft-tastic celebration of the girlfriends we love so much? You guessed it. Galentine’s Day! And it’s coming right up. We joined our friends over at Brit + Co. to share ideas for a girl-powered brunch featuring cards from Studio Ink. The party included all of the essentials for showing your girls some love: sweet and simple decor, fabulous food, a signature drink, DIY crafts, and playful cards to exchange.

Galentine’s Day crafternoon essentials

Of course we’re going to do more than just sign and send our Studio Ink Valentines! Every envelope is a blank canvas just begging to be personalized.


Paint markers and fancy (or not-so-fancy) pens
Paint and brushes
Foil stickers and seals
Sticker paper for our free printable sticker sheet
Glitter, sequins and other sparkly add ons
Washi tape (always)
Ribbons and bows
Scissors and/or craft knives
Glue (in sticks, hot glue, or squeeze bottles)

Tips for making your Valentines memorable:

  • Go BIG with your envelope! Since this is the first thing your girls will see, make a statement! Write their name big and bold, use washi tape, illustrate around stickers (download ours here), or add gemstones for a little sparkle. Consider repeating the pattern from the card art on the envelope with a marker or pen.

  • Use unexpected materials! Did you know doilies are making a comeback? You heard it here first. Cut paper doilies to make a fun border or to frame your recipient’s name. Add dimension with felt cut in fun shapes like hearts or to spell out names. If you’re willing to sacrifice them, you can even attach candy hearts or red hots for added flair!

  • Give the cards themselves some personalized touches, too. Paint or color in words. Add 3D elements like glitter, gemstones, sequins, or even a tassel down the spine of the card.

  • Of course, Hallmark knows that crafting the right message is the most important part of any card. Think about the nature of your friendship and lean in! Does she like to laugh? Don’t be afraid to use humor to express how you feel about her. Has one of you helped the other through something tough in the last year? Call it out and tell her how much it meant to be by each others’ side. It can be intimidating to say the perfect thing, but don’t feel like you have to make your message over the top. Sometimes simple is best.

What’s the perfect way to send everyone home with their Valentines? Because there are some things about elementary school worth bringing back, Brit + Co. showed us how to get the look for those adorable DIY mailboxes.

(You’ll notice that cards weren’t the only decorating we did. Tissue paper tassel banners are an easy way to add seasonal colors to any party. We spray painted a few wine bottles to make vases for the centerpiece. And then threw in some balloons, flowers, and heart-shaped decorations in a festive palette of pinks, reds, turquoise and gold…easy, pretty, and fun to do!)

Naturally, we had lots of delicious treats at our soirée. Berry parfaits, donuts, mini muffins and a red velvet waffle bar (YUM!) helped us keep our creative energy game strong. We’re never ones to skimp on snacks, but we will admit to playing favorites: The red velvet heart-shaped waffles with cream cheese glaze are yummy and super-indulgent. Get the recipe here!

If you’re going to do Galentine’s Day right, you pretty much have to have a bubbly drink. We love this simple peach Bellini. (And we’re so sure everyone else will, too, that we’re sharing the downloadable recipe card.)


1 bottle champagne
1-2 cans peach nectar
1/2 c. pink sugar
1 c. pomegranate pearls for garnish (one big fruit’s worth of seeds should be plenty)

Put a few tablespoons of peach nectar and the sugar in separate shallow bowls.
Dip the rim of champagne flute first in the nectar, then in the sugar.
Fill with two parts sparkling wine to one part nectar (about 4 oz to 2 oz).
Garnish with eight or so pomegranate pearls.

Want more Galentine’s Day ideas?

We’d love to see how you celebrate with your ladies! Share your Galentine’s Day photos and ideas with us on Facebook or tag @think.make.share on Instagram.

Video and photography by Hallmark Union Hill Studios







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