Host a DIY Galentine’s Day popcorn bar

We’re excited to have the design power trio of Ashley H., Lindsay T., and Tobe R. on the blog today to teach us how to style the perfect Galentine’s Day popcorn bar for your besties!

Host a DIY Galentine’s Day popcorn bar |

Since Valentine’s Day is all about showing affection for the people you love most, girlfriends need not be left out of the equation. This applies whether you’re single or not. After all, these ladies have probably seen you through a break-up or two! We put together the most stylish, no-fuss Galentine’s Day setup we could think of – a champagne and popcorn bar for a night in with the girls!

It really doesn’t take much to pull this party off. (You know we wouldn’t lie to our friends!)

Fixins include:

+ Popcorn (duh)

+ Popcorn mixers. We opted for chocolate, mints, cinnamon candies, and sprinkles. Consider sweet treats that are as good on their own as they are combined with salty popcorn. (And on top of ice cream if you really want to go all out.)

+ Petite champagne bottles with custom labels (find our free template below!)

Host a DIY Galentine’s Day popcorn bar |

Of course we shopped our local Hallmark Gold Crown store to dress the bar. We started with brightly colored gift bags from our Maker collection and adorned them with glitter heart gift tags to serve the popcorn from. (We recommend lining the bags with butcher paper or paper towels to keep them grease-free throughout the night.)

Host a DIY Galentine’s Day popcorn bar |

To make the heart wall art, cut a large heart shape from a scrap piece of cardboard. Layer strips of Hallmark tissue paper and cut them piñata-style before taping them onto the heart from the bottom up. Trim the tissue to fit your heart shape. We kept it simple with pink and gold tissue, but there are tons of adorable patterns and colors to explore in our Maker collection!

Host a DIY Galentine’s Day popcorn bar |

You can see we added some of our blue pom pom string gift wrap to the red and pink balloons for a little pop of color.

Host a DIY Galentine’s Day popcorn bar |

Single serving champagne bottles can double as party favors if you snag a few extras to send home with your friends at night’s end. Download our custom labels, wrap them around the bottles, and secure with patterned washi tape. We also added playful washi tape stir sticks to the glasses which make for easy labeling if you want to keep track of who belongs to which glass.

Host a DIY Galentine’s Day popcorn bar |

For individual servings of popcorn you can use your own bowls or download our coordinating black and white cone template for free!

Share your Galentine’s Day gathering with us on Instagram @think.make.share! And, as always, play responsibly out there!



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  1. 2.10.16 | Reply
    AnnW wrote:

    Cute idea! Too bad you’re automatically assuming alcohol needs to be involved.

    • 2.10.16 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Thanks, Ann! The downloadable labels would work great with sparkling cider or soda bottles as well!