Hallmark artist Melissa remembers why it’s “home, sweet home”

I recently was reminded of the reasons I love where I live. What helped me remember? Hallmark photographer Jane Kortright came over to my house to take some pictures of my place and its human (and furry) inhabitants. In the process, she documented all this great stuff I’ve been taking for granted.

For example, my house sits up on a hill and is loaded with lots of big windows, which makes it a very bright and happy place to be. The floor plan is really open so my whole family can be hanging out doing their own things but still be together.

I love bright color and have found a little goes a long way. My house has lots of white walls and a few hits of bright. (Side note: the cool painting to the left of the shelves is by fellow Think.Make.Share contributor and Hallmark artist Amy Kligman.)

I think all the little details are what really tell the stories of the people who live in a place. Jane did a great job capturing some of my house’s best small secrets—the ones that say home sweet home to me.

What details make your house a home?



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  1. 10.9.14 | Reply
    judy wrote:

    What a simple warm expression of home-truly an expressions of home sweet home. We all should take an example from Melissa in expressing ourselves in our homes.

  2. 10.9.14 | Reply
    Suba Nadarajah wrote:

    what a great great home Melissa. Really enjoyed your reading about your home.