Holiday hostess gift guide (also for teachers, co-workers, neighbors and more)

This will be the year of Thoughtful Adulting. We’ll be ready for the holiday parties and teacher presents and Secret Santas at work. We’ll stock our gift closets and refill our stashes of note cards. When we’re feeling crafty, we will make a little something special to include with store-bought gifts. (We’ll also take advantage of holiday sales like the one going on now through Nov 27th at!) It is with this seasonal preparedness in in mind, that we present our Holiday Hostess Gift Guide. 

holiday hostess gift guide for the effortless entertainer


Hers may not be the biggest or the fanciest holiday party, but it’s always your favorite. It’s the one you can’t wait to go to and don’t want to leave. How does she make everything feel so festive and everyone feel so welcome? It’s her gift to you.

  • Make it personal: Make a batch of bitters or shrub syrup to include with cocktail-related gifts, or infuse some olive oil or vinegar to give with appetizer trays.
  1. Gold Cheers Bubbles and Blue/Gold Geometric Bottle Gift Bags, Set of Two  |  2. Co. Warm Vanilla Candle  |  3. Floral Design Bread Loaf Pan  |  4. Bread Mix  |  5. Mud Pie Hanukkah Bread Board & Dipping Tray Set  |  6. Santa Wine Stopper  |  7. Winter Cocktails and Snacks Recipe Book  |  8. Set of Two Gold Diamond Border Lowball Glasses  |  9. Appetizer Serving Tray with Gold Handles

holiday hostess gift guide for the Christmas enthusiast


The only reason she waits to put her Christmas decorations up until November 1st is that she has to take her Halloween decorations down first. She lives for the Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel. Given the choice, she would listen to Christmas music all year round. She isn’t just in the Christmas spirit—she IS the Christmas spirit.

  • Make it personal: Create a Christmas garland to go with your gift from felt or paper flags, ribbons, tissue tassels, or felt balls.
  1. Angel Premium Porcelain and Metal Hallmark  |  2. Festive Holiday Wine Charms, Set of Six  |  3. Red and White Nesting Bowls, Set of Two  |  4. Holiday Drink Stirrers, Set of Four  |  5. Cocoa Tins, Set of Three |  6. Mistletoe Luxury Liquid Soap

holiday hostess gift guide for the creative one


For her, the holidays are a time to mix inspiring stories and beautiful icons from different cultures and traditions. Her mantel is a Thing To Behold: perfectly arranged chaos of vintage baubles and new decorations and pieces of her friends’ art and found objects. Her holiday parties are spontaneous, loud, and full of fascinating people and craft cocktails.

  • Make it personal: Trinket trays and ceramic containers cry out for a piece of handcrafted jewelry. Try something simple with a tassel in holiday hues or her favorite colors.
  1. Initial Monogram Ceramic Trinket Tray  |  2. Cactus Trinket Trays, Set of Four  |  3. Paddywax® Prism Fresh Air Soy Candle  |  4. Mini Hot Pink Christmas Tree  |  5. Star Candle Holders  |  6. Haute Girls™ Geometric Lidded Ceramic Box  |  7. Wooden Holy Family Nativity Set  |  8. Bright Eyes Graphic Journal

holiday hostess gift guide for the modern traditionalist


She brought out her grandmother’s bottle brush trees before they were was cool. You can read her family’s history in the ornaments on the Christmas tree—or, let’s be honest, trees. She combines old and new, rustic and modern, sparkly and simple. If you looked up “classic” in the dictionary, you would expect to see her photo. 

  • Make it personal: Use essential oil to add a seasonal scent to some pinecones—or dip them in wax to make fire starters.
  1. Galvanized Woven Basket with Wood Handles  |  2. Paddywax® Leather and Oakmoss Woods Soy Candle  |  3. Flower Paintings 2018 Desktop Calendar  |  4. Tall and Short Gold Lanterns  |  5. Natural Glass Magnets  |  6. Holly Ball Blown Glass Ornament  |  7. Personalized Wood Cutting Board  |  8. Tea Leaf Teaspoons

holiday hostess gift guide for the home enthusiast


If you want to hide from the hustle and bustle of the season, hers is the place to do it. Her couch is a place for catching up and talking about the future over a mug of hot cocoa or peppermint tea, or mulled wine. And in December, her home is lit almost completely by twinkle lights. 

  1. Pierced Metal Holy Family Nativity Set  |  2. Pink Marble Spiral Calendar  |  3. Monogram Letter Hook  |  4. Pineapple Premium Metal Hallmark Ornament  |  5. Jewelry Ring Stands, Set of Four  |  6. White Mimosa-Scented Candle with Rose Gold Scallop   |  7. Hanukkah Menorah  |  8. Artful Ceramic Note Tray

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