Free download: Happy Christmas digital wallpapers

It’s December and everyone can finally turn Christmas mode all the way up without embarrassment or apologies. Which makes us that much more grateful for these delightful illustrations by Hallmark Artist Crista C. The sweet florals…the so-very-right-now color palette…and those adorable tiny fox faces. (And the paws. We just cannot with the tiny paws.) Put our happy Christmas digital wallpapers on all your screens and get immediately into the holiday spirit. 

Free downloadable Happy Christmas digital wallpapers

Free downloadable holiday florals digital wallpapers

Download HOLIDAY FLORALS desktop wallpaper  |  mobile wallpaper

Free downloadable festive friends digital wallpapers

Download FESTIVE FRIENDS desktop wallpaper  |  mobile wallpaper

Free downloadable peaceful wreaths digital wallpapers

Download PEACEFUL WREATHS desktop wallpaper  |  mobile wallpaper

Free downloadable winter foliage digital wallpapers

Download WINTER FOLIAGE desktop wallpaper  |  mobile wallpaper

Illustrations by Hallmark artist Crista C.

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And merry everything! #finally


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