Handmade fairy house: Make your own tiny world

When Hallmark Designer Ashley H. created the Handmade Hallmark Fairy Garden Kit, she wanted to put a simple, modern spin on it. And seriously—it’s full of spot-on home decor trends. The flat white finish on the falls…the bright green moss…the painted butterfly. It’s the perfect handmade fairy house for the aesthetically conscious sprite.

Here, Ashley shares her ideas behind the pieces in the kit.

I started by making some really basic houses out of Crayola Air Dry Clay as part of last year’s modern fairy house workshop. We loved the results so much that we later recreated them in ceramic for the kit! I like them just as they are, but embellishing them is fun, too: Try adding shingles made of bits of bark or pebbles. Or decorate them with paint or markers.

We made sure to include objects found in nature: a big chunk of moss, sliced pieces of wood, and shiny pebbles. Because it isn’t a fairy house without a garden.

And we added a few colorful touches from our artists: a brightly painted butterfly and a few polka-dotted mushrooms.

You could make a wonderful little fairy house just using the items in the kit, but it’s so easy to add your own personal touches. I love anything you can do with your family: We could go for a walk and find bits and pieces of natural decoration. I would love to sit down with my daughter and watch her imagination take off.

That’s one of the most interesting parts of this fairy-thing trend—knowing there’s a story behind every little-bitty door!

Want to see more? Here’s our post about Ashley’s Hallmark fairy garden workshop that inspired the kit. And one of our stylist’s fairy garden party. And fairy garden tips from regular contributor Andy N.

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