Halloween is pumpkin-tastic with help from Hallmark.com

Our friends over at Hallmark.com have totally outdone themselves this Halloween season. Photo stylists extraordinaires Betsy Gantt and Joe Blake created ten—count ’em, tenridiculously easy and (frankly) impressive pumpkin-carving ideas. I’m not even that into holiday decorating, and these inventive tutorials are making me want to go gourd shopping. Soon. Here are a few my top four pumpkin faves:


Joe’s Monstroctopus (top left) is an creature masterfully concocted from your veggie drawer. I bet this guy would make a pretty mean soup post-31st, too!

Betsy’s Skully in Stitches (top right) fits in perfectly with my love for three Ss: Black & white color Schemes, Simplicity, and Spookiness. I’m going to crown this one the chic Jack-o-lantern of the year. Because I can.

Betsy’s Haunted Mouse Houses (bottom left) is a creative-yet-minimalist approach to pumpkin carving. It doesn’t take much to become the newest, hottest gourd-architect on the scene; I’m going to make mine all modernist with tons of windows. Those poor mice are going to have to keep a clean house.

And Joe’s Mowlelficent Fowl (bottom right) not only wins honors for the cutest carving, but also gets bonus points for finding a use for all that left-over ginger you bought during your (short-lived) juicing phase. (Please tell me I’m not the only over-ambitious ginger buyer out there.)

Go to the Hallmark.com ideas section to peruse the other six strokes of pumpkin genius and choose yours.

What’s your carving style?


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