Words and art come together for a Hallmark Signature workshop

Tina Neidlein has taught us where to find writing ideas, how to stock your writing toolbox and to un-mush-ify your Valentine’s Day. Today, she’s letting us behind the scenes of a fast and furious(ly stylish) Hallmark Signature workshop. 

When you’re a Hallmark artist, you get to participate in all sorts of hands-on workshops. But when you’re a writer here, workshops aren’t quite nearly as frequent. (And that’s okay with us—have you ever tried writing on the spot, in a group setting? I mean, yikes.)

We do love collaborating with artists, though, so when the opportunity came up recently to work side-by-side with them, we jumped at the chance. A small group of us came together with several of our talented lettering artists to brainstorm short phrases (“nuggets,” as we referred to them) for use in our Signature line. We know that our Signature fans are comfortable writing their own words, often only needing that little bit of goodness to get started. So we decided to get a small group together to build a collection of Signature-ready nuggets.

Working from a list of card-sending occasions (i.e., new baby, birthday, love), we came up with phrases one by one, while the artists lettered those same nuggets alongside us. It was so inspiring to watch them turn our scrawled two- or three-word phrases into beautiful pieces of art in no time at all. Proof that sometimes creating on the spot is just the thing you need—no time to overthink or fuss too much.

Hallmark Signature Writing and Lettering Workshop 1 | thinkmakeshareblog.comHallmark Signature Writing and Lettering Workshop | thinkmakeshareblog.comHallmark Signature Writing and Lettering Workshop | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one of our quick little nuggets on a Hallmark Signature card sometime very soon.

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