Hallmark lettering artists share the LOVE

If you’ve been following along on Instagram (and we hope you have), you know that we’ve been sharing a little bit of love in the way of videos. Each day since the first of February, we’ve posted a video of one of our incredibly talented lettering artists sharing their interpretation of LOVE on paper. Some have wowed us with watercolor…others with pen and ink…and several have explored the global languages of love with their marks.


If you’ve missed our videos, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a few of them for your viewing pleasure. Hope you heart them as much as we do! Consider it a Happy Valentine’s Day wish from Think.Make.Share to you and yours.

Big thank you to the film crew:

Steve Wilson

Michael Ong

Mark Morton

Nicole Melton

Kevin Sisemore

Chris Johnson

And participating artists (in order of video appearance):

Lisa Rogers

Diren He

MyDung Cong

Amber Goodvin

Ken Sheldon

Pete Noth

Lynn Giunta

Megan Walsh

Sarah Cole

Livy Long

Barb Mizik

Jim Fedor


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  1. 2.17.15 | Reply
    Liz wrote:

    Don’t forget the man behind the music, the amazing Chris Johnson from the Hallmark Sound Studio!