Graduation gift idea: Mini grad cap full of surprises

A gift card is already a pretty perfect graduation gift. We just added a creative touch to make it even better. It doesn’t take much to turn some mini cards, some gift cards, and few extra supplies into a mini mortarboard full of good wishes and money for necessities. Here’s how…

4 envelopes glued together with small gifts for the Mini Graduation Gift |

How to make a mini grad cap gift card holder

What you’ll need

  • Navy blue or black card stock (or use the grad’s school colors)
  • Gold cord
  • Metal brads
  • Gold paper or kraft paper
  • Gold paint pen
  • Gift cards (one or more)
  • Just Because mini cards (two or more—add one for each gift card)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

Supplies for the Mini Graduation Gift |

Make the mini mortarboard

Cut a square from the navy or black card stock. It should be a little wider than the envelopes of your Just Because mini cards.

Write a message to the grad in gold paint pen. Be sure to leave room in the middle for the tassel.

cutting a square for the graduation cap for the Mini Graduation Gift |

Cut a length of gold cord about 5″ long.

Now you’re going to make the tassel. Cut a 6–8″ strip of gold or kraft paper about 2″ wide, and use the scissors to cut fringe, as shown below.

Put some glue on one end of the fringe, then roll it up around one end of the gold cord. Glue it closed.

rolling up the fringed paper tassel for the Mini Graduation Gift |

Attach the envelopes

Open all of the envelopes. Use the craft glue (or just lick the envelopes) and attach each flap to the front of another.

When you get to the last flap, glue it to the back of the mortarboard.

Use the point on your scissors to poke a hole in the mortarboard, then insert the brad. Wrap the cord around the brad, tie a knot, and snip the end.

Glueing the just because mini envelopes together for the Mini Graduation Gift |

Sign the card or cards, pop in the gift cards, fold them up accordion-style, and your gift is complete.

Pro tips

  • If you want to buy just one card, use the envelope as a template and DIY some envelopes for the gift cards.
  • You can also use full-size cards—just make the graduation cap bigger.

placing a small well wishes card into an envelope for the Mini Graduation Gift |

Another pro tip

Pick a gift card theme for bonus fun:

  • Entertainment: Movie tickets, mini golf, iTunes, and other fun
  • Munchies: Grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops
  • Hobbies: Sporting goods, craft shops, hardware stores, craft breweries—whatever they love
  • Local tour: Gift cards for local businesses in the graduate’s college town
  • Student essentials: Gas station, bus pass, drugstore, grocery store, pizza place, college book store, student union, and some cash and change for laundry and vending machines

What are your favorite graduation gift ideas? Share with us in the comments or on Instagram @think.make.share.

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  1. 8.13.20 | Reply
    Jo wrote:

    What font do you use for your hand lettering? It’s so cute!

    • 8.27.20 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      Though we do turn some of our artists lettering into fonts, this hand lettering is actually…hand lettered! It’s the artist’s own thing, not a specific font.