5 easy gift wrapping ideas to try this Christmas

In a season with more than the usual number of presents to wrap, a few new tricks can keep things interesting. We picked our favorite gift wrapping ideas and turned to Hallmark dynamic duo—amazing photo stylist, Erin M., and lettering genius, Amber G.—to show how easy they are to do. Best of all, they use craft and wrap supplies you probably already have handy.

3 ways to attach a card to a present

Want to make sure your thoughtfully signed card doesn’t get separated from the gift when they’re tossed under the tree or dropped off at the gift table? It only takes the teensiest bit of extra effort to attach it—and looks way festive.

How to basket-weave your ribbon

We saw this look for the first time in a vintage Hallmark pamphlet called “The Art of Gift Wrap,” and love it for so many reasons. Along with being cinchy, it works with different ribbon widths, types, and textures. And because the result is flat, it’s great for wrapping gifts you plan to ship! (If you prefer your directions in writing, here you go!)

How to wrap the perfect tassel

The secret to a professional-quality tassel is a neatly wrapped neck with no-show tails. Take a peek at this video to learn how to do it. Then practice your skills on some stockings or stocking stuffers, like these keychains or bookmarks.
See the vintage Art of Gift Wrap fabulousness here and here. Check out more present-wrapping inspo in our archives. And browse Hallmark’s latest collections online or wherever Hallmark gift wrap is sold. Of course, we post more of our best gift wrapping ideas on Instagram and Facebook.


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