Getting sew crazy with the Plush Club

Hallmark designer and Plush Club member Cece Merkle gives us a glimpse into the sewing frenzy of the group, formed by fellow Hallmarkers Lisa Hadley and Allyson Lassiter.


When Allyson Lassiter and Lisa Hadley began sitting next to each other at Hallmark, their crafty, creative energy came together and sparked an interest in sewing. Before they knew it, they were both embracing a new hobby—creating plush characters by hand—and encouraging each other along the way. Little did they know they were inspiring others, too!

After creating a window display in the Hallmark Creative Library with some of their plush creations, Lisa and Allyson started getting phone calls and emails. Other Hallmarkers wanted to know how they got started and if they ever met up over lunch to sew together. The duo realized that their new hobby was attracting likeminded friends and needed an official name: The “Plush Club” was born!

Meeting up twice a month over the lunch hour, Lisa and Allyson provide a monthly challenge to keep plush clubbers flexing their sewing skills. The challenges started out simple so anyone could join in—sewing a simple shape with a face, for example—and expanded to themes like Foodie Friends, Sea Pals, and Spooky Dudes for Halloween. This friendly, no-pressure, try-anything group continues to grow and meet up to share their latest creations and sewing tips! You can expect to see more plush goodies from Allyson, Lisa, and other Plush Club members, such as Hannah Carey (her sun and narwhal are featured below), here on Think.Make.Share!




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  1. 2.27.15 | Reply
    Katzi wrote:

    These are so wonderful – makes me want to be a member! I can’t wait to see more!

  2. 1.1.18 | Reply
    Clara Rowe wrote:

    These charming creations are inspiring! And hand sewing can be such a peaceful, satisfying experience. Thanks!

    • 1.2.18 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Glad to hear it, Clara! Thanks for visiting.