Galentine’s Day party decorations: Upcycled wine bottles

Galentine’s Day—or Palentine’s Day!—is almost here. Who’s ready to gather with besties and celebrate friendship with a night in?  ✋✋✋ To fancy things up a little, we suggest these easy upcycled wine bottles. You can make them beforehand and use them for Galentine’s Day party decorations or favors, or make your event an arty party and DIY together. (Get more ideas for party themes here.) Here’s how simple they are to make…

Upcycled wine bottles in pink and gold |

How to upcycle wine bottles


  • empty wine bottles
  • Hallmark wrapping paper
  • coordinating spray paint (matte or glossy)
  • super-sharp scissors
  • craft knife (a fresh blade will make your life easier)
  • decoupage glue (matte or glossy—you can match or contrast the spray paint)
  • sponge brush or paintbrush
  • newspaper (to cover your work surface)

Upcycled wine bottle supplies: spray paint, decoupage glue, wrapping paper, bottle, brushes, scissors |

Use your favorite Pinterest method to get the labels off the wine bottle (soak in water with dish soap or baking soda, run through the dishwasher, peel off dry and cover with mayo, whatever). Make sure the bottle is squeaky clean.

Spray paint the bottles and let them dry.

Spray painting a wine bottle |

Pro tip

Put the bottle on a dowel and you can paint the whole thing and stick it in the ground or a planter to dry.

Another pro tip

If you’re going to craft with your pals, you can paint the bottles ahead of time to make things easier.

Cutting designs out of wrapping paper to upcycle wine bottles |

Grab your gift wrap and start cutting. You can cut out:

  • designs and icons from the pattern
  • shapes and strips from solid or patterned paper
  • a solid band to wrap around the base

Upcycled wine bottles: Gluing wrapping paper designs to wine bottles |

Upcycled wine bottle: Gluing wrapping paper designs to wine bottles |

When you’ve got your paper ready to go, decoupage the bottle.

  • Choose a piece of paper to start with.
  • Brush the decoupage glue on the back of the paper and place it on the bottle.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.
  • Repeat until you’ve finished adding, then paint a layer of glue over the whole design.
  • Leave it alone to let it dry. Maybe go empty another wine bottle.

Upcycled wine bottle: Gluing wrapping paper designs to wine bottles |
Upcycled wine bottles |

More Galentine’s Day party decoration ideas

  • Instead of gift wrap, use tissue paper for a stained-glass effect.
  • Or cut out words and pictures from magazines to make a bottle-shaped vision board.
  • Use different bottles in varying heights to create tablescapes or vignettes for a shelf or dresser.
  • Put candlesticks in tops of the bottles. If you want to go retro-fabulous, light additional candles and drip wax down the sides.
  • Add real or artificial flowers for Galentine’s Day decorations or party favors.

Upcycled wine bottles and Hallmark card |

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