September wallpapers from Hallmark creative interns

Every summer, Hallmark hires some of the most talented students from around the country as creative interns. Naturally, we want to give them a chance to show off their skills—so we asked eight of them to create our free September 2018 digital wallpapers. We love the range of styles and vibes they came up with, and we’re pretty sure you will, too. 

Free September 2018 digital wallpapers


Fall floral digital wallpapers

Download Fall Florals Desktop Wallpaper | Mobile Wallpaper

Created by Teju A. This summer I learned about not only working with watercolor in its traditional form but also putting it in the computer and manipulating it there. The knowledge of this technique and my newfound appreciation for florals inspired these wallpapers. I also wanted to focus on the textural moodiness that watercolor can bring.


Do what you love digital wallpapers

Download Do What You Love Desktop Wallpaper | Mobile Wallpaper

Created by Maggie W. Working at Hallmark and being around amazing artists has inspired me to further explore my illustration skills. I wanted to use some of the things I learned, both in illustration and in trends, in my wallpapers. I was inspired by the flow of creativity here at Hallmark and wanted to create wallpapers that reflect that positive energy.


Cute chickens digital wallpapers

Download Cute Chickens Desktop Wallpaper | Mobile Wallpaper

Created by Christy N. For my wallpaper, I wanted to create a pattern that made me laugh. Apparently, that comes in the form of silly chickens. It really reflects the time I had here as an intern at Hallmark because of all the memories, both hilarious and sweet, that I made with all the inspiring artists I met. This summer has just been a dream come true.


Foodie Fun digital wallpapers

Download Foodie Fun Desktop Wallpaper | Mobile Wallpaper

Created by Jessica M. Working at Hallmark has felt like a dream! I had the opportunity to work around tons of amazingly talented people who inspired me every day to work hard. I learned a lot about myself and found so many new ways to create meaningful art. I created this illustration of different foods and drinks to bring out the inner foodie in me. I wanted to create a playful pattern that also had the possibility of being used on many different products or materials.


Grow a little every single day digital wallpapers

Download Grow Every Day Desktop Wallpaper | Mobile Wallpaper

Created by Andrea K. I’ve always been passionate about learning. This summer has been not only a dream come true but also a huge learning experience full of creative inspiration and growth. I worked alongside an insanely talented team in the Creative Marketing Studio, and I participated in some fantastic workshops where I got to learn from master artists themselves. Hand lettering is one of my favorite skills to practice. “Grow a little every single day” sums up my summer internship and all of the learning opportunities I was able to take advantage of here at Hallmark. I’m so grateful for it all.


Sushi supper digital wallpapers

Download Sushi Supper Desktop Wallpaper | Mobile Wallpaper

Created by Hannah G. I can’t express enough how fortunate I have been this summer to work around so many creative, talented artists. I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and make new discoveries about my art and about myself. It has been a wonderful experience. I can only hope it is just the beginning!

Since I have been thinking more about product and versatility of illustration during my internship, I wanted to create a pattern for my wallpaper. I wanted to make it playful and fun to create a sense of celebration. And maybe hunger.


Puppy Love digital wallpapers

Download Puppy Love Desktop Wallpaper | Mobile Wallpaper

Created by Eliza S. Interning at Hallmark has been such a rewarding experience! I got to work alongside some of the most kind and talented people I have ever met. Every day was filled with workshops and artistic demos ranging from cut paper to hand lettering. Being at Hallmark has really inspired me to move out of my comfort zone and experiment in many different art styles. For this illustration, I wanted to use some of the watercolor and character design skills I learned during my internship and illustrate my favorite little friends—my two pugs!


Intern Wallpapers |

Download Motivated Hustle Desktop Wallpaper | Mobile Wallpaper

Created by Janeen R. Hallmark is home to constant inspiration. It’s been a dream to learn from the amazing creative leaders here that do what they love every single day. The workshops have been amazing and I’ve learned so much. One of my favorite things I did this summer was to work on my lettering skills. I’m so grateful for all of the encouragement I received and to all of my creative mentors for sharing their time and talents with me. There’s been so much creative energy to draw from and I’m filled with motivation to keep the hustle going!


Check out our entire digital wallpaper archive here. And of course, we’d love to see your screens, because we’re nosy that way. Take a snap of your laptop or phone showing your free September 2018 digital wallpaper and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram (@think.make.share) with #TMSdreamscreen. 


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  1. 8.30.18 | Reply

    Love the watercolor florals! Nice job Teju! (I’m discovering watercolor florals myself and have newfound appreciation for those who, like yourself, do them so well!) Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world. 🙂

  2. 9.1.18 | Reply
    Dorann Weber wrote:

    Love, love all these wallpapers! I just downloaded the chickens on my phone… Not sure which I’ll put on my desktop yet. Tough decision..they’re all amazing!

  3. 10.27.18 | Reply
    Shauna Jackson wrote:

    These are great – thank you!