Practice self care with FREE July 2019 digital wallpapers

Listen. You gotta take care of yourself. And it’s not all bath bombs and face masks—we could all use reminders to take care of our emotional well-being, too. That’s why we love these free July 2019 digital wallpapers: They remind us to look away from our screens and be present. 

July Wallpapers |

Download Free July 2019 digital wallpapers

July Wallpapers |

BREATH IN & OUT desktop wallpaper  |  mobile wallpaper


July Wallpapers |

YOU CAN DO IT desktop wallpaper  |  mobile wallpaper


July Wallpapers |

ONE THING AT A TIME desktop wallpaper  |  mobile wallpaper


July Wallpapers |

NOTE TO SELF desktop wallpaper  |  mobile wallpaper


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  1. 7.1.19 | Reply
    Renee wrote:

    Love love LOVE these – thanks y’all!

  2. 7.18.19 | Reply

    This I’d awesome! I can’t wait to try this out. Thank you for sharing!

  3. 7.22.19 | Reply

    I love this site and I love these wallpapers. I’ve been looking for a mobile one. Thanks!